About Nemhub and Testnet

I have a couple of questions about NemHub. As a member of the platform, I am aware of the activities there. There are about 2100 participants registered, my question is:

How do you want to encourage the participants to take part in the testnet?

Is that even planned?

I also notice that the time window for the snapshot is closing. Personally, I expected more activity and greater reach by then.
So my second question would be:

Is it possible to generate some kind of mini hype in just two months?

Thanks in advance


I personally think that the reward for running the testnet needs to be increased.


There was a symbol node task that has been completed, reaching max submissions.

But now that we are in final stretch before Symbol main net it may be good to reintroduce the task again. Maybe it could be reintroduced with higher limit, but lower reward to keep costs in check.

Whether it’s a task or not, contributions like this can be done, and submitted as a general activity to NEMHub. I would be happy to upvote and lease reputation to anyone who puts forth effort. I check all recent posts at least once per day.

We do not need to wait for tasks to be created to take initiative!


It’s interesting to see that there was a so-called “stress test”. What is really interesting, however, is that both time and resources are wasted.
Why is not the entire community involved? Why is a stress test limited to NEM-Hub members?
Who is actually responsible for such nonsense?
Why is valuable time wasted here that we don’t have?

… This stress test doesn’t seem to have been that important. And with ~2100 members, participation in the test network with its own node is rather very modest.
Apparently there are mainly people active there who would be that even without the NEM Hub.
My humble opinion.


Generally speaking, participating in NEMhub registration does not mean participating in various tasks. No time wasted. It just depends on whether people are willing to spend time testing. Everything has its own good and bad effects.

Personal opinion, thank you for watching, there is no malicious meaning.


I’m glad that nemhub took the initiative, they are at least dealing with the topic of testing now. Besides, this action seems to be planned in several stages. At this point I would like to mention that it seems that there will be a test festival in Japan soon. Maybe someone has more information and would like to share it with us here.

I hope that we can generate more nodes for the test run. Unfortunately, there are even less participants than in spring. At the beginning of the year there were 300+ nodes. Now we have been at about 140 for weeks and I’m not sure how we are doing.

A common approach is necessary and important.


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