About the country leader

I have some questions.

How long is the term of the country leader?
Is it possible to dismiss the country leader?
If that is possible, who is it?
If that is possible, what kind of procedure is necessary?


Why doesn’t anyone answer?

What is the country leader?


I don’t really have the authority to answer the whole procedure, but:

  • Country lead is not elected, they are an employee - so no term limits.

  • I think it is possible - you would need to discuss with someone higher up than I.

  • The responsible person would be the Regional Head

  • I really am not aware of the procedure, but we should have standardized ones with a warning system, etc. Perhaps it depends on their employment contract terms.

Sorry these are probably not satisfactory answers, but just wanted to let you know people are listening and not ignoring you.


Hi God Tanu and Shingen_Takeda!




As Laura already put it, a country lead is not an elected position, but more of an employment position. A country lead is usually appointed by the Council.

The council is responsible to agree of the employment terms, including termination.


Interesting question, the countries leaders are a good point. I’m afraid that not every current head is really the appropriate one. Unfortunately, there is a certain DIY mentality at Nem which is also reflected here. In addition, a certain influence is possible, I have often heard that one or the other countrie leader is under the influence of this and that council member.

Did you ask Hiroki? He is Japan Lead himself.


In my opinion there is a difference between country leader and head of region.
One region can include different countries. For example South East Asia is managed by Stephen Chia, Latam by Pedro or North America by Alex.
Then you have countries without regions that have their own budget.
More info and better structure will come after elections.

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