About the organization of an AMA with NEM / SYMBOL divisions

There are apparently official efforts to hold an AMA. The question was asked on which platform this should be carried out. Before that, of course, the process must be discussed.
points here are:

  • Should that happen in live / real time?

  • Should it be audiovisual in some way?

  • Should the questions be selected in advance?
    (but that would not really help)

  • Should have questions, collected and voted in the community
    to be brought.

  • Who should the respondents be?

What are your suggestions?


To limit abuse, every question should come from a NEM wallet(address).
Each NEM wallet(address) has the possibility for only one question.
All relevant questions/answers that are then asked/answered should be published in the forum in a list(later)
so that nothing is embezzled and it is easier to put everything into the desired language.
The rest can be seen on the AMA address.
It is then understandable for everyone in the blockchain which and how many questions were asked or not answered.


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