About the use of wallet of disabled person

I’d like to share what I’m on project in Japan for who people with disabilities (visual, intellectual), I wish Cryptocurrency is closer, easier, and portable, so they can do shopping independently.

I’ve done some testing for visually impaired person such as download wallet, payment, making an invoice and etc, however, there are some problem came up. Your wonderful advice and idea are always well come which will helps many people and expanding crypto world more and more!

< Testing ; Nano Wallet on PC >

Windows / PC Talker / Net Reader2 / Windows Narrator

  1. Downloading Nano Wallet with reading software was successful with reading download website.
  2. Starting wallet -> 3rd party reading software didn’t read.
  3. Windows Narrator works well, but trouble is the option has to be switched over every time uses.
    • I wish Windows Narrator has induction for Visually impaired.
      3rd party software company says that problem is “accessibility”, Nano Wallet may not be giving enough information.

< Testing ; NEM Wallet on iPhone >

iPhone7 / voice over

  1. “Sending” and “making Invoice” are successfully reading, however, it stops reading “sender wallet”.
  2. Wish to read “Private Key” as well

Now, here is my idea of operation for them which may help less operation for visually impaired person.

  • Voice guidance and operation management
  • First step would be only “Send” and “Receive”
  • Making phone call to recover (their supporter) automatically
  • Multisig management is must
  • A device should be reasonable price for risk management of theft

< Sending >

  1. Ready for sending
    The software stars automatically by tier vice “I want send money”.

  2. Reading QR code
    A shop assistant helps reading.
    ** I hope it automatically finish payout. It’s not necessary to use QR code if any option we have got.

  3. Sending buyer and product information to seller.

  4. Automatically call to money management if QR code is approved.

  5. Talk with the money management for buy product.

  6. Giving notification by voice of “End sending” or/and violations.

< Receiving >

  1. Ready for sending
    The software stars automatically by tier vice “I want receive money”.

  2. Output QR code automatically.

  3. Giving notification by voice of “End receiving” or/and violations.

For intellectual disabilities hasn’t done testing yet, however, I have list of ideas for future wallet if I’m able to contact to organization.

  1. each button is more visually and easy to know the meaning.
  2. less operation.
    Click “Send” -> read QR
  3. automatically making phone call to receiver (a parson who is on Multisig management) when payment is ready
  4. Receiving payment is also same as 3.

Thank you


@kazumasamatsumo thank you for sharing your test results.

@Quantum_Mechanics @thomasoehri @mizunashi

Thank you! From now on, I would like to test Wallet’s motion test for people with intellectual disabilities!

In Japan , It is important for disabled person to use multisig transaction.
Because the other person always have to check his shopping.

It is difficult to do that. Then he will not do shopping any more.
kazumasamatsumo wants to change this.

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