Account data at particular blockheight

Is there any way to check the balances of an account at a particular block height from explorer?

Yes. But it involves running node with enabled historical data (you can change that in To do this actually you need around 200G RAM memory server.

Yes, that I’ve seen in documentation. But I’m asking can we check same in explorers? I’m not able see such option in explorer

No. There is no such option in explorer. Only using API of node with historical data enabled afaik.

Ok. I want to cross check that transaction or rental fees are added to harvester/sink account or not?
From API it shows the balance only not much info
How I can check it?

Not sure what more info you need.

As we know transactions fees are getting added to harvester’s account. How I can confirm the same with any block for example?
There is no separate transaction generated for it. If I check the balance information of an address at a particular block height then I can see balance for that account but not sure either its including transaction fees or not…

Account balance is available balance with earned harvesting fees and deducted transaction fees and amounts

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