acess to second account

I am new and a beginner for the exiting NEM…

I have already a first question you hopefully can answer easily.
I have put XEM on my NEM NANO Wallet.

I have a primary account since a while and now added a secondary one to seperate the money.
However if i log in i can only see the primary one.
Question: how can i access the secondary one? I did not find it… thanks!


  • upper right corner
  • Click on “Account” and select the desired account under “Choose Account”.

Thank you Garm

however unfortunately this does not work.
The account is greyed out and only account: primary available
I have no choice to select the second.

Honestly i do not know what i did wrong.
I had an existing primary account and wanted to add a few more Xem from soft wallet.
Then i saw the option secondary account which is similar to the choice on trezor. I selected a secondary and renamed it as it is for another purpose.
Then i transfered XEM and saw it on the secondary account already. I also could choose between primary and secondary.
When i logged in again a few mins later just to verify the secondary account was gone. And it still is.
So now i do not know how to access this newly transfered XEMs anymore. I cannot see them and hope they are not lost.
Actually there was an info that the same password and login than the primary account is needed.
As i have this i had no worry to open a second one.
Hope you - or someone else - can help me.

THANKS in advance!

Hopefully after adding the new account you made a new backup? This is pointed out when creating a new secondary account.

Are you using Trezor right?
Only first account is created by default when you are login.
But because accounts are created deterministic (for Trezor wallet) each time you will get same account so all you need to do is just create again secondary account and you will generate same as before.

THANK YOU CryptoBeliever!
You made my day! It worked. thanks a ton!
(I have a backup but no clue how to use, so this version was clearly the better one)
Thanks again NEM forum members for the quick help and answers, especially to CryptoBeliver but also to garm.
Have a good day, Matthias

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