Addres and public key are different?

In “my account” with the intetion of making a first operation, but “Public Key”: You need to make a transaction to get a public key. Can I deposit XEM with my addres?
I do not understand the reason why I need to make a first transaction to get a public key. I thought the public key is the way to make a deposit.


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Your public key won’t be known to the blockchain until a first transaction is made. This is because upon creation of your account inside the NanoWallet application, your local app doesn’t send anything to the blockchain. It’s just randomised private key, public key and address created and saved locally in your wallet.
I guess the NanoWallet knows the public key but just doesn’t show it - to protect users from using it in the wild when the blockchain doesn’t know it yet.
Might not be perfect, but does the job so far.
You can derive the public key for fresh accounts manually using the algorithm described in the white-paper. There are SDKs with the function to derive it, too.


Hi, If I understood, I am not able to deposit Xem to my wallet from an exchange, currently. If I use my wallet address I would miss my coins.
Well, I don’t have idea how that thing of the White paper works.
Thank you for your interest.

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You can withdraw from the exchange to your address even if you made no transactions before.


Great! .

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