Airdrop date again delayed

helo. it seems again airdrop date is getting delayed again. team once promised that they will announce new date in 1 week but 2 weeks passed and team are not able to complete test. looks like there is some problem in test and max. chances are snapshot date will move march or next year

i am able to ubderstand that team are unable to perform test. nem team pls hire new professional engineer who solve issues . pls dnt btoke trust of people again and again by delaying date.

No one promised to announce a new date for snapshot either last week or this week.

It was explicitly stated it would not be selected or communicated until the testing was completed and could be planned, current state is, as communicated in the updates:

  1. Complete patch (done)
  2. NGL automation testing on empty network (done - all open source)
  3. NGL 100tps stress test on empty network (done)
  4. NGL 150tps stress test on empty network (done)
  5. NGL 400tps stress test on empty network (done)
  6. Public release and reset (done)
  7. Community nodes come online (ongoing but mostly done)
  8. Community testing (ongoing)
  9. NEMTus Test event (being planned at present, they are updating tools)
  10. NGL final stress test after we have community nodes and data on the network from above (awaiting above)
  11. General soak to launch

Based on the age of your account and the contribution thus far to the forum, you appear far more focussed on when a snapshot will be taken so that you receive Symbol tokens in future, than with launching a network that is secure, robust and ready for decades to come.

A cynic might think you only joined to get “free” tokens and the confidence you refer to in other posts is confidence receiving those tokens, not in launching a sufficiently robust and tested platform.

The community voted to move the snapshot with launch, launch is not not yet defined, therefore snapshot date is not yet defined.

But don’t let the truth get in the way of a good FUD story :wink:


Asked you in other thread but didnt recived an answer, could you please rell if this issue need to be solved as well before testing or not? you mentioned it one of youe last updates. Rest issue. That looks like it was faund back in cummer last year and still haven’t beed resolved. How major it is?

“We are aware of one known issue on REST that the team will pick up in the next patch, this may affect notifications in the wallet for any multi sig account modifications with more than 2 cosigners, it is showing itself in the validation testing for this patch so will be dealt with shortly:


No it can be fixed in the next patch release (has already been fixed and is going through internal validation)


Nice work!

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thanks. how much time reqired to complete all test including stress test??

There is no response the issue.
Currently, multisig is not available to any desktop wallet users.
What does this mean?

In particular, there are too many problems with desktop wallets.
What kind of system do you have in place to deal with this?
There are too many 91 OPEN.
I don’t know what the problem is.


Thankyou for highlighting the #942 issue and no reply, I will follow it up

There are 91 open issues, but there are not 91 bugs or not important ones. Most of them are ideas, opinions, feature suggestions or low priority issues (P3 or P4 label…P1 and P2 being more important).

The team had closed all priority 1 and priority 2 issues until 1-2 weeks ago. I see there are several issues on page one which need to be assessed and have asked for that to be worked on asap as well.


I drewed a card of Tarot, Five of Cups, so from now is 5 weeks to snapshot :smiley: I am curious if this will finally happen before the end of February. I hope so.

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Thanks for the answer Dave.
I don’t understand why you would give a lower priority to a problem where multisig remittances do not work.

In particular, the Desktop wallet is an NGL repository.
Launch is tremendously far away in this state.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks @GodTanu, sorry I think the translation didn’t work properly from my text. The multi sig issue is not a low priority

I was speaking about 2 subjects:

  1. The multi-sig issue which I have asked to be looked at as soon as possible and I think is important to assess

  2. The other 90 open issues, contain a lot of lower priority issues or ideas, and also some issues


Guys, thanks for your efforts and great development, I wonder I still see 14 - P2 issues and 1 - P1 issue, any ideas about velocity on those?

We are targeting a release later this week for the desktop wallet, the P1 issue relies on some REST fixes which are being tested today with a view to issuing a patch release early this week.

The Wallets are expected to have a release later in the week (after the REST and Server fixes are released) which will include some of the P2s, the others will come in a later patch release.

Velocity has been slower due to having to focus on something else (node monitoring, voting payouts, supernode programme) for a few weeks but more of the team is now back working on the Wallet and it should pick up this week and next week