Alexandra Tinsman for President


He’s my first pick, Manon. I’d love to convince him to take the role. :wink:


so CTO is going to be an official role if you have it your way ? Let’s assume you can’t find anyone from the folks already involved, is there a plan to hire ?


Hello Alex.
The depletion of SN reward is approaching.
Please tell me how you are thinking about this problem.


Yes, CTO will be an official role. I have a few people in mind for the role and am having discussions with them now. This is a standard problem in IT hiring and there are solutions available to address this if the current prospects don’t work out.


Always good to see your questions GodTanu! I am fully committed to keeping supernodes funded.

I don’t have visibility into the global Foundation finances but from what I can see on the blockchain there is plenty of XEM in other Foundation accounts that can be re-allocated to the supernode account before it runs out in 2020.

But that is a short-term solution. We also need revisions to the economic system to ensure supernodes are sustainable and good investments long-term. I’m not happy that supernodes have less ROI than alternatives, which punishes NEM’s supporters for staying loyal. I have already contracted with an economics consulting team to make projections on the long term outcome of our current system. They will also make proposals for sustainability and even increasing supernode rewards over time if economic milestones are met.

All decisions will have to go through the new Council, but as soon as the new Council is ready, I will push for a year of emergency funding. Then by the end of Q1 I will have have our long-term homework done and a data-driven proposal for the council.

I also would like supernode owners to have a voice in the process. I will make all proposals public and do a poll of supernode owners to get their feedback. They are a critical part of NEM’s success.



That’s great to hear!


Agree that this needs to be looked into. There needs to be enough incentive to stimulate public chain transactions which leads to txn fees to maintain the network. That should have a key focus too.

CTO is important and we need to define clearly the role as the CTO for NEM Foundation as there is a diff tech team for NEM the blockchain as well. Def need good tech representation in the leadership as a basic standard.

Am looking forward to seeing the new leadership shaping up and working together as a team, really good thoughts put forward in this thread!


It’s time to make choices. Nem Foundation needs a leader, a voice out there, somebody who really believes in NEM, a professional with skills for communication, business and management.
Some of the Nem Foundation priorities are Catapult Roadmap, governance and more developers.
Besides we need somebody who is close with the community, a person who understands what the NEM community wants, because Nem Foundation is a representation of the community.
For all these things I will vote for Alexandra for President!


You have a tough opponent (but we all know that you are the future president hehe) good luck Alexandra, thanks channels: Inside NEM, LatiNEM, NEM with Tony, Nem Offcial, The CryptoClass and of course candidate Alex for President, still working as hard as so far, I remember the coincheck hacking day talking about nemberia you did an urgent interview with Jeff and I congratulated you for the work and the information and you said: “the day of my birthday I did not expect to spend doing this” that says a lot about you and that you are a great worker and a better president for this foundation. let’s put the future of the Foundation in your hands !!!


I had forgotten it was on my birthday. The moment I remember best from that day is when I broke down sobbing after 24 hours of reading the hundreds of our community messages - including multiple messages of our Japanese members who wanted to commit suicide over the Coincheck hack because they thought they lost their life savings. I then used Google Translate and began to type how I felt about them in Japanese to try and ease their fears that we would do the best we could to help them. It’s the only tweet I’ve ever had that hit over 2,000 likes. That experience changed me to love our community and to always always fight for them.


That’s one of the best examples of commitment to NEM community. Thank you for sharing such a story!


Uff incredible… í feel that you are a very humanitarian person and you are always close to the community and really your great effort in the community and your good heart will guide NEM by the best of the roads. :hugs:


@Inside_NEM thank you for including me into your pool of endorsed candidates.
I know I am rather a quiet participant during these election days, particularly due to focuses I have in Vietnam and with some global projects.

I am happy to support you and those elected with you to guide the NEM Foundation.

Regardless if I am accepted as a council member, so long as NEM Foundation Leadership accepts the voice of Vietnam, Myself, and the NEM Community at large I know we are in safe hands.

It is not my expectation that everything we voiced must be accepted, but so long as it is heard and given due consideration I am sure the community will be provide continuous consensus (as long as it is reasonable) to help grow NEM globally.

You have my vote, not because you endorse me and its “scratch my back I scratch yours.” You have truly stepped up to take leadership with me during our work for Kind Heaven, even though I am not in your “region”, and the communication of the Foundations decision. You have shown leadership, compassion, and a level head, traits we truly need.

Good luck to yourself and other candidates on this journey!

P.S. To all those reading, there are good talent everywhere. Raise your hands up. Strong & talented leaders will always cultivate willing hands and champions. I hope this ethos will be lived in the upcoming leadership team :slight_smile:


@Kimble_Ngo @Inside_NEM @LauraBKK @Trikar_Blockchain @Pedro_Gutierrez @tongokongo future Council, secretary and President!!! :tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::top::top::top:


I wrote an open letter to our team and community. I’ve been thinking a lot about this election and hope that after this Friday no matter what, we work collectively together as a community and as a Foundation to move NEM forward. An Open Letter To the NEM Foundation Team and NEM Community


Hello to the new president of NEM. Any update on the NEM foundation 2.0? What are the new steps towards success? Please share your plans for 2019.


Hi there! Yes. We’ll have an update to share with the community soon. It’s been 11 days and we’ve made some great progress during this time. I will share that the community’s feedback has been an important part of our discussions. Let me check with Jason Lee on when the next update will go out. Thanks for your support, Lionheart. (And for all your many years of support…)



We look forward to good news from the new government, President Alex!!!