Allnodes waiting for NEM team for Symbol setup

Hey @DaveH @Xavi , just messaged Allnodes to see when we can setup our Symbol Nodes and they informed me that they are “waiting for a non custodial setup instructions from nem team”.

My only concern is that I registered for the Ecosystem Node Bonus Program and that I won’t be able to get my Symbol Node online within the first 2880 blocks.

As of this writing at 11am EST, Symbol blocks are around 1900, I am worried that I won’t be able to setup in time. I do recall reading an update over the weekend from Dave that Symbol Node Rewards were to be suspended for an additional 24 hours, so we have 48 hours to get Nodes online? Does this also apply for the Ecosystem Node Bonus Program? (I can’t really do anything until Allnodes setup).


Yes it does apply

I am working actively with the team at AllNodes and we are testing something right now, if it works then issue should be resolved shortly :crossed_fingers:


That’s Great @DaveH , I will assume that I can also opt-in my node to activate the Peer Api Voting through Allnodes. Thanks

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