Also when NEM will be added at COINBASE PRO and BINANCE USA

hello if you see yesterday DASH added at Coinbase pro
and the price exploded more that 10% up
our president is from USA so she have a lot of more free work to do
did anyone know if she had try to add NEM at BINANCE USA or COINBASE PRO

No, Nem will not be added to binance or CB. Nem currently has little if any active development and code isn’t open source so there is no 100% way for these exchange teams to know that nem isn’t a scam or even does what it says.

these is not correct NEM Catapult IS 100% OPEN SOURCE
so you are wrong bro

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Nope, the NEM code that everything is currently “running” on is not open source. Sorry to break it to you. Can’t really say it’s open source when the product everyone is actually using is closed source. Nice try though.

It’s currently closed source, but the next major release is going to be open source. So there is hope…

New NEM Catapult IS open source. And there are testnets online giving great TPS. - Beyond the capabilities of all major blockchains.
But, coinbase and similar exchanges won’t list a coin until they are active on their most recent opensource main net. Which in the case of NEM, will happen soon.

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