An Open Letter from Chinese community to NEM foundation

Hello everyone,
I am from Chinese community, a supporter of NEM and a holder of XEM. It has always been a long time since there is any news in China region. As a member of NEM China community, we have the obligation to say something for the development of NEM in China.

About NEM China Leader, as the Leader, he or she should be employed by selecting from experienced people from the community rather than choose by relatives and relations, moreover, it was without the knowledge of the community, which is unacceptable to the community. As it turns out, it is really bad.

As for recruitment of NEM China , as any of the region, first of all it is fairness, then is to find and organize talents from various aspects, which is the premise of doing things, it will cause unnecessary infighting and is also difficult to carry out effective business if too many friends, classmates, colleagues are arranged to enter, even if some business are completed, what is more is just superficial, which is apparently of great injustice for those who entered the company with experience, and this is why it has always been a long time since there is any report in China region.

About the finance of NEM China , the financial statements of the NEM China have not been made public since the establishment of the company. Thus, it is difficult to control the monthly expenditure and know which expenditure is unnecessary.

In terms of personnel changes , during NEM foundation election, two candidates of the foundation were dismissed at the risk of breach of law, which led to legal problems.

In conclusion, there are many problems and legal risks in China region, which also damage the legitimate interests of NEM in China region and relevant people. Therefore, we hope that the foundation can find out the facts and protect the legal rights of NEM and relevant personnel in China region. It is recommended that the foundation and the Chinese community take the following actions:

  1. The foundation restarts the audit of finance of NEM China
  2. The foundation provides an email address to listen to voices of Chinese community
  3. The Chinese community shall act together with the foundation to promote management improvement in China



关于中国区负责人 ,做为一个地区的负责人,应该是从社区寻找有经验的人来担任,而不是凭借亲戚关系来选择,而且是在社区不知情的情况下,这让社区无法接受。事实证明,这是很糟糕的。

关于中国区人员招聘 ,做为任何一个区域,首先是公平,然后是寻找并组织各个方面的人才,这是做事的前提,如果,过多的安排朋友,同学、同事进入,会造成不必要的内斗,也很难开展有效的业务,即使有些业务促成,更多的也是表面文章,这显然对那些凭经验进入公司的人是极大的不公平,这也是为什么中国区长期看不到报道的原因。

关于中国区的财务 ,中国区自成立以来,财务报表一直没有公开,因此,每个月的支出很难把控,也很难知道哪些支出是不必要的。

关于人事变动, 在NEM基金会选举期间,冒着违法的风险解聘两名基金会候选人,并导法律问题。


  1. 基金会重新启动对中国区财务的审计
  2. 基金会提供一个邮箱,听取中国社区的声音
  3. 中国社区行动起来,和基金会共同促进中国区的管理层改进

I just hope NEM officials can read it @DaveH @Jaguar0625

Thanks for the tag I am happy for you to send me further detail by direct message if you wish to.

From the points above it is clear that you have some concerns and context which you wish to share.

I’m not saying we will be able to cater to them all, nor am I saying it will be immediate. But the re invigoration of the community work is the right time to consider these types of issues.

In terms of historic issues - NEM Group will not be taking those up, we are purely focused on forward looking initiatives. I can however confirm that with the re-organisation, all finances ongoing will managed in a common governance framework, including audits and that all existing entities will be merged under it - that also applies to any Chinese ones. This process will take several months due to the legal consideration and volume of work.

Thanks for raising the concerns, feel free to send me the more detailed ones in private.

Hope that helps.


as a nem initial stake holder from china , I agree that the financial statements of the NEM China need to be audited.


Yes,I agree with you.

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Yes, foundation should do it.

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