Announcing the NEM Meteor Wallet

NEM Meteor Wallet

We have been working for quite some time on an amazing wallet for NEM for iOS and Android.

We are now super close to launching it:

NEM Meteor Wallet

You can enter your email in the page on the link to get notified when beta starts, and then on the final release.

CLICK HERE to be notified when it releases.

NEM Meteor Wallet Features

Here are some of the version 1 features you’ll see on launch day:

  1. Easily import your nano wallet or from a private key
  2. Send and receive XEM
  3. Send and receive any and all mosaics
  4. Generate unique QR codes for transactions (generate code, send to friend, they can scan and pay)
  5. Easy wallet backups
  6. Fun animations
  7. Amazing UX
  8. Supports current NEM blockchain (NIS1) and is built to support Catapult (when it goes public)
  9. For iOS and Android
  10. Super super FAST. Built with native Swift for iOS and native Kotlin for Android
  11. Check current XEM price anytime
  12. Push notification support
  13. Popular Mosaic logo and ticker support
  14. Supports local countries currencies
  15. Easy toggle between local currencies and XEM and BTC price

What future features are planned?

  1. MultiSig support - this is huge priority. Will launch right after v1 launch.
  2. Changelly integration - get XEM directly in the app
  3. Mosaic exchange - a free service for atomic mosaic swapping between parties
  4. Other NEM APIs.
  5. Many other things

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this wallet be open source?

A: Yes, but it will be 30-60 days after app store release

Q: Why?

A: Because we want to get a good amount of users before we give everything away for free.

Q: Is the app free?

A: Yes everything is 100% free

Q: If the app is free, why would you build this? How do you benefit?

A: We are building this because NEM really really needs this. Also this app will help give exposure to our platform Blockstart

Q: How did you build this?

A: We are using Aleix’s NEMLibrary under the hood for NIS1, and for Catapult we are building our own Swift SDK

Q: Is the app secure?

A: The app is 100% decentralized. The app locally stores an encrypted version of your wallet and private key similar to the NEM Nano Wallet where you must enter a password to decrypt it. All transactions start in the mobile app and go directly to NIS APIs - no intermediary servers.

Q: Why are you guys so cool? You keep making all this amazing stuff for NEM.

A: We’ll ya know, it’s just who we are.


First of all, thanks for showing initiative. NEM definitely needs to build a larger developer ecosystem.

However, I had a few questions about this effort:

Because we want to get a good amount of users before we give everything away for free.

Not really sure what you are trying to say here. What impact does the number of users have on the decision to open source? Shouldn’t the two things be independent?

We are building this because NEM really really needs this.

Needs what? A mobile app? A few members of the Japan community have made a very popular app - Have you considered with working with them? What improvements does this new app have over that one?

Also this app will help give exposure to our platform

How so? I thought blockstart was based on Catapult, not NIS1?

We are using Aleix’s NEMLibrary under the hood for NIS1, and for Catapult we are building our own Swift SDK

NEMLibrary is TypeScript, not Swift. Does that mean you are planning on completely rewriting the app for Catapult in a different language?

The app is 100% decentralized. Your private key is never stored

This sounds a bit misleading. The private key needs to be stored in some form (probably encrypted), but it will also be unencrypted in memory when signing transactions.


Thanks for responding Jag.

I don’t think so. Open sourcing something is optional in most cases for any business. I think open sourcing is a good thing, especially for projects that involve money and private keys. But I’m not religious about open source. If I launch a product and it is open source that same day someone who has a bigger influence than me could see an opportunity and seize the moment, take the code, launch it, and could put the app we release at a disadvantage.

This is a company decision, not an individual programmer decision.

I’ve seen it via Youtube - looks cool. I can’t really operate that app as it is in Japanese so I’m not sure of all of the features. The thing is we are developers and app builders. Our VP of product is especially motivated to make cryptocurrency more accessible than it has ever been before, and so we wanted to build something meaningful.

Also we are building this for our anticipated users. As we have been working with businesses and developers and building Blockstart we have a sense of what people want, and so we want to build it based on those data points.

I don’t think it hurts to have multiple wallets on the App Stores, especially since there are various languages and audiences.

But again, we are taking this app very seriously. We actually had it 70% completed in React Native using the NEMLibray but it just couldn’t perform as quickly as native apps so we threw the whole codebase away and researched and tested until we could work out a native solution, which we have done. So that is another reason why we haven’t thought to collaborate, we want the app the way that we want it.

This has been my favorite part of the project. We have Node JS running a server within the native Swift and Kotlin apps. It took a while to figure this part out but its running well :slight_smile:
Best of both worlds.

The app actually supports both NIS1 and Catapult. For Catapult it is using our Swift SDK which is under development still.

We have build configurations in place for both:


Good point.

Thanks for the feedback/response.


Nice job Mark:)
Because I can’t look into code I have 2 questions:

  1. Where private key (new wallet) is generated? On client side (like in nanowallet) or NIS/server side?
  2. Are you using /transaction/prepare-announce (transaction signed by NIS) or /transaction/announce where transaction is signed on client side (like in nanowallet)?

will wait till then

Private key generation is nearly identical to Nano Wallet - done locally in the app.

Transactions are signed client side also just like Nano Wallet


Wallet’s choices are welcome.

Is there multisig signature notification function and reception notification function?
The official application will not receive notification.
With official apps I can not notice the cash on arrival and I do not know when to sign.
I am very dissatisfied.

If it is open source, I would like to translate the language file and use it.
NEM is spreading all over the world.

It is the same as you could not understand Japanese Raccoon Wallet,
I can not use English Wallet.

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Yes there will be notifs for multisig

Also the app is localized - meaning it is built to support any language in both the UI and the text prompts.

We are paying to have the app translated into Japanese and then of course it being open source other languages can easily be added.

Also local currency is automatic. The app detects the country of origin and selects the proper local currency. Currency can also be changed any time regardless of where you live.


Also the iOS version supports facial recognition for those who want to sign with their face :grin::joy:


that sounds epic. looking forward to using it.

Love the last Q & A LOL.

With the changelly integration will that go both ways? So if I hold 100k XEM in my Meteor I could exchange it through changelly for BTC etc? Or you can only buy XEM?

I tried this on iOS. Test flight.
It is indicated that 50,000 XEM is required for remittance of mosaic.
Explorer does not appear.
Changing along the way is impossible.
With one deposit, more than 60 mobile notifications

Remittance animation was

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There are cases where remittance can not be done even with the new version 0.03.
And I can not send a mosaic. The situation has not changed.
Did you finish debugging?

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I also agree with that stance.:raccoon:
Increasing Wallet’s choice will result in the spread of NEM and block chain technology.


new Alpha build released version 0.05 build 1.

Fixed Bugs

  1. Sending TX’s bug
  2. Error handling added
  3. Fee divisibility
  4. Blockchain connectivity
  5. Flickering on home screen
  6. back up wallet
  7. Request and receive funds via text link
  8. explorer in TX details
  9. TX details formatted
  10. QR code can now scan address from nano wallet
  11. BTC price vs XEM displays properly
  12. sender won’t receive notifications
  13. camera auth alert
  14. dismiss send animation with a tap
  15. various improvements
  16. TX history reloads and updates

Known bugs

  1. push notifications not working
  2. Dashes and special characters not allowed in wallet name

I can not send a mosaic.
Are you debugging? Did you check the operation?

Can it be realized?
Is remittance of mosaics so difficult?

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Just random question:
How does the wallet selects node to connect to?
Is there some “decentralized” solution, or just list of price predefined nodes?

Nodes store eigentrust matrix and peer list. Could this be quired from time to time to reconstruct own eigentrust matrix and pick node from that?

Can you explain your steps and provide screenshots? Everything is working for us, it does appear we are having some formatting issues with localization, which will lead to balances showing 0. Any details would be helpful. iphone model, ios version, and screenshots. Also make sure you are using the most recent build version 0.05(1).

The procedure just sends a mosaic. Have you tested it? It is the same in every version. The same is true for 0.05.