Any Decent NEM Faucets?


Hey everyone

Hope you are all well.

Does anyone know of any decent NEM faucets? I’ve tried searching around but only found a few dodgy looking ones.

If anyone knows of a legit faucet that works, would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction :slight_smile:


Hi there, there is one site:

You can get XEM, mosaics, or send your own. It works on mainnet & testnet


Most excellent, thanks a stack bud. Will check it out.


Hi @xrltechcorner

Tried to get some test tokens using " " site but i’m getting following error,

“Error: This NEM address has no TOK stake. You need to stake 1 xarleecm:token (TOK) first”

Can you help me with this. I’m generating addresses programatically using nem-sdk


Hello, in order to claim some xems, you must acquire a xarleecm:token first.
This can be done attaching a mosaic in the selectable before claiming.
Once you have staked 1 TOK, then you can claim xems and additionally you can get GAS later.



I could find only this attached in screensort


Click on the selectable list under “Attach mosaic” to view all options.



Working. Thanks :slight_smile: