Any Tourism Related Projects

Hey there,

I am trying to create a list of projects that are related to the tourism sector. If you are involved with one - it’ll be great if you can reply to this - ideally with a link.

Also, I am trying to better understand the popularity of crypto currencies to purchase tourism-related products and services. Any data on this will be great to share.

Thanks! Sam

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Hi Sam,

There are a few projects that have the potential to impact the tourism sector in Australia. One is the Travelbybit project which has seen some incredible growth within the Australian market and one which is interesting to look up!

I am also currently in the trial phase of my own start up named Mobi. We have posted a few times on the NEM forum. Mobi is a carpooling mobile app that connects drivers and riders traveling in the same direction together to help subsidise the costs for the driver and provide riders a cheap alternative to transport. We are currently looking at allowing parties to pay via XEM and many other great features NEM provides.

These are two of our websites!

Love to hear more from you Sam!


But is it related to cryptocurrencies at all?