Anyone running own private blockchain on NEM or CATAPULT?


Will love to learn how others are using NEM =)


Hi Joe,
Happy new year!
Sure, you bet we are. Some of LuxTag’s customers have their data in private Catapult chains, others are on the public chain. We promote and install chain-anchoring solutions to mitigate auditibility/credibility downsides of private chains, too.


Very good to know! Thanks for the information =)


There are also a few groups in Japan who are using Mijin via Tech Bureau. @TheNinja might be able to point you in the right direction.

Not sure if anyone has tried it but it is available at the Azure Marketplace -


Oh I didn’t know mijin is on the Azure Marketplace. Thanks for the information @jason.lee!!!


Afraik on the Azure is Mijin v1 not Catapult.


Yeah not Catapult. Mijin on Azure would be the private blockchain using NEM tech.

We should start to track the usage of Mijin best possible as well. A good indicator of the adoption of NEM tech. fyi @Inside_NEM


Why not put an actual NEM offering on Azure. The public chain.


Something to look into. Public Chain integration accessed directly through sdks already but getting NEM’s tech on Azure and other platforms should be a consideration, fyi @Anton_B, @Pedro_Gutierrez


Hi Jason, from last year I’m working on placing nem on AWS


Good to know! We need to get exposure on as many platforms as possible.


Hi Joe,
In Hong Kong, NEM is working with 2 projects using NEM private chain.
Aenco and Noiz.

Basically Catapult private allows you to run your own nodes and network VS Mijin (v1.0) you need to pay for the whole thing and don’t access to Catapult.
Keep in mind that Catapult Private version is Open Source. There are a couple of channels with devs contributing with SDK and more stuff. (Slack) I can send you an invitation.


That will be amazing!


Very good to know Ricardo! Thanks for the information. We are looking into Catapult Private Chain to put our next LATTICE80 project. Yes. It is a very well structured open source project but always good to hear from others have done it already. =)