Anyway to use XEM as collateral?

Hi All,

Is there any way to use XEM as collateral in DEFI projects to get some USDT?


Iā€™m sure you could provide liquidity somewhere if the market does not exist.

You can provide liquidity to stXEM & Eth on Uniswap.
You can also stake XEM with StakeHound to receive stXEM.

Any stXEM you hodl will automatically receive stXYM in wallet as well.

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Thanks guys, it seems keeping XEM in spot is better nowadays :slight_smile:

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Besides using XEM as collateral in DeFi, there are other opportunities as well:

  • StackOfStake = Pooled custodial staking. Generate supernode level APY with no minimum balance.
  • myCointainer = Pooled custodial staking. Similar to StackOfStake
  • Binance 30-day locked staking contracts. Earn APY while holding on an exchange with high liquidity.
  • NEMHub = Non-Custodial Staking and community activities & bounty system.
  • Vidulum = Non-Custodial Multicurrency wallet that pays bonus rewards for amount of XEM held.
  • And of course - NEM Delegated Harvesting. This is non-custodial, and requires a minimum balance of 10k XEM

All non-custodial options allow stacking of rewards.

It would be great to know what everyone else is doing to increase ROI on their XEM holdings.


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