Are NEM and VeChain Competitors?

Have been rooting for NEM for a while, but have been hearing more about VeChain lately due to all the press. Both projects seem to have similar mission statements, are they competitors - can anyone weigh in on the differences?


Just had a look at their ridiculous website.
At a glance it looks like some incredible claims made by sci fi warlocks and star wars guys with balls of glowy stuff in their hands.
The kids will love it… ie they are chasing “Dumb money”.
Which does not mean they will not raise some serious coin, so at the end of the day they will win even if it delivers 10% of what it promised.

I noticed it has a thing called “proof of authority!!!”

Microsoft has just released something similar on Azure called “proof of Authority!!”, so maybe its a thing, lets not forget Microsoft was also releasing some Ethereum thing last year that I have no idea of and have never heard of it since last August.


Also just to add that Mijin is now on Azure.
And Nem has recently made some interesting partnerships.
This info is on

Sorry I cannot weigh in on Vechain to much, all I know is that it is a very new blockchain thats has just recently moved from the ETH blockchain to its own mainnet.

As for my comments on their website well, it appears they are targeting a young audience.

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Pretty much exactly what i learned when i did some digging. Proof of authority seems like a more centralized and less secure way of doing what nem does with mijin and nem chain.

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