Are you interested to participate on Nodes Programm!

Hello NEMberia ,
Today i would like to share with all of you my project about NEM programm ( Harvesting), i am looking for 10 personnes interested to join the group to start working on nodes programm together because we can not get each one this big amount of xem , so we can participate together to collect it and then start the work .
once start the nem gerated al the long of the procedure of this programm will be re-invest again on the program for one month at last then each one of us will get his own profit .
if you are interested to participate on this program , and have any question i’ll be ready to help

What sort of participation are you looking for? How would it work?

i need 10 persones interested in investing together to reach 10k nem in one account and then start Harvesting and the profit will be share between us in the end of the operation

I think it is good solution for this case