Are you sure that you really want it?

Hello community!

I often read messages from community members that after the snapshot they will sell all XEM/XYM coins. And of course I understand your frustration with recent events giving you the impetus to sell everything ASAP. But I want everyone who has the idea to sell after taking a snapshot to think carefully about the current that they will read now. Some coins have already exceeded their previous all-time highs. Some just come up to them.

And now look at NEM. Its price has not even reached the 0.2 Fibonacci level. And now you want to sell it !? Did you buy XEM for this to sell very low? I know you want to see the price rise, but think, if many people start selling, will they help the price rise?

Yes, of course, whether you sell after a snapshot or at the level of the previous high is up to you, BUT, with or without you, the price will go up. And then you will remember this message.

These are just my thoughts and not a signal for action. Stay smart.

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weak hands must give up XEMs to strong hands without that there will be no growth

other true is that cryptomarket is wealth transfer from impatient to the patient

last thing is that after snapshot and debut of XYM, XEM is becomming obsolete and will be dumped hard, despite of renewed cryptomania