[ARTICLE] NEM collaborates with Microsoft, Lufthansa & Unibright to use blockchain in businesses


Looks like this one may have gone under the radar on the forum, but this is a great project for NEM!

Exactly the type of collabs that will put the spotlight on NEM:

Keep ‘em comin’!


Unibright tol me they were using Nem blockchain to implement Nem adapters into their enterprise solutions, so that’s pretty cool, even though they are an erc20 token, and their project is ethereum based, I guess they have to pull Nem in, just to ensure it works ;).


What i like about this type of project is that it shows a non-techy approach to blockchain and its direct application into the real world.


I never thought of SAP as “non techy” but hey…


lol I meant the approach is, not the tool :slight_smile:


yes well they are defintely an interesting venture.
they employ Ethereum and Nem in the same product.
Which of course is a great thing for Nem to be quietly making a presence among top 3, Not sure if it will moon Nem or anything but its very nice to see.
Has gone largely unoticed on social media.