[Article] Ripple vs. NEM: Which one should you invest in?

Ripple is truly the 8th wonder of the world.

A 14 year old project that has achieved literally no real world usage and is not in any way a cryptocurrency has consistently been a top 5, er, cryptocurrency.

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I agree but beyond the comparison with XRP, it’s always interesting to see some of those crypto sites recommend investing in XEM again :+1:

It’s quite clear that almost no one cares whether a project has actually achieved anything or ever will and it’s going to be a long, long time until that does count for something.

XRP is the bellwether for that.


There’s nothing new here or there.

It’s just a rehash of all the bad things of the old world… both these projects should be ashamed to call themselves cryptocurrencies.

Actually that article looks pretty shabby.
Here is the single paragraph explaining Nem :

NEM is fast emerging as a new cryptocurrency which provides some new functionality as well. It allows the businesses as well as the users to retain the information or data securely. The main advantage of this cryptocurrency is that it would be able to secure any file or any kind of information on your computer. Thus, you can be sure that without any tampering or without any changes in the file structure, it would be able to completely protect the file. Even though, the cryptocurrencies not as old as a ripple but it surely has impressed of the investors.

Is this even accurate?

NEM… Not a centralized currency funded by Goldman Sachs

Please give us more details :wink:

Then why am I not richer right now?

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