Ask candidates you vote for to reply to this: POI vote support by new Council

We all see the colossal difference between POI and whitelist votes results are incredible.

Several candidates already are in touch with me regarding a proposal from my policy docs, and for other candidates, please reach out to me if you agree to join those who support POI vote. Here is the first point from my Policy doc:

On December 10-14th all eligible NEM members vote for a list of candidates who promised to run POI elections as soon as Singapore laws allow (let’s assume that it’s possible to run them on the same day - December 14th right after the announcement of elected candidates).

It doesn’t matter if current POI vote will be considered or not; We will figure out details in step two, now in step one it’s just about your readiness to respect the choice of the community: if the community will ask to use POI vote, are you ready to work towards it? Even if no, feel free to express it, probably on the forum or in a personal message to me.

My candidate policy document with a full plan towards NEM Foundation 2.0 protected from those trying to steal Catapult from us can be seen here on NEM forum:

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Мы все видим колоссальную разницу между POI и результатами голосования в белых списках. Она просто невероятная.

Несколько кандидатов уже связались со мной по поводу предложения из моей программы кандидата, а для других кандидатов просьба, пожалуйста, свяжитесь со мной, если вы согласны присоединиться к тем, кто поддерживает голосование POI. Вот первый пункт из моего документа программы кандидата:

С 10 по 14 декабря все правомочные члены NEM голосуют за список кандидатов, которые пообещают провести выборы POI, как только позволят законы Сингапура (предположим, что их можно провести в тот же день - 14 декабря сразу после объявления избранных кандидатов).

Не имеет значения, будет ли рассматриваться текущее голосование POI; мы выясним детали на втором этапе, теперь на первом этапе речь идет только о вашей готовности уважать выбор сообщества: если сообщество попросит использовать голосование POI, готовы ли вы работать над этим? Даже если нет, не стесняйтесь выражать это, на форуме или в личном сообщении мне.

Мой документ о политике кандидата с полным планом в отношении NEM Foundation 2.0, защищенный от тех, кто пытается украсть у нас Catapult, можно увидеть здесь, на форуме NEM:

To be fair with you, I voted in both (POI and NF) and at the end I will accept what community wants (whatever happens after friday).


You are best proof that cheaters strategy is perfect as we all know that with such a mess no one knows all candidates, and the majority doesn’t have any clue whom to vote for, so people first check results tab and support current winners. You can easily see it on an illustration, it got only worse since yesterday:

If someone wants to stay indifferent, please first see that we have entirely fraudulent elections now. Proofs are here, make sure to see the spreadsheet:

We all see the colossal difference between POI and whitelist votes results are incredible.
I am quite sure the NEM Foundation old council or even new council will take that into serious consideration and be “representants of the community” and not only of themselves.


In a serious company some people would be fired long time ago and also during this process. Hope new council and Exco takes the things really Seriously and choose the right strategy and right people in the regions, changes the procedures and rules, so we don’t need to deal again with such issues.



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poi yes
whitelist no

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Our new VP Nelson has always been a good “soldier” and acknowledged that himself several times. He’s doing what needs to be done and follows instructions from above.
The latter perhaps led the some of the recent possible hiccups.
I believe he’ll adapt without hassles for himself and the community - adapt to the new leadership and can then perform well and help to serve NEM and make it great again after the past weeks (and months) of hardship.


Nelson has been key to helping drive the current transition between old Council and new. Please give us a chance to come together, plan accordingly/strategically, and demonstrate how decentralized organizations can work with the right leadership.