Audited Policy File

I have audited the apostilled policy file.
There was no problem except for one person.
The results of the audit I personally did are on the link below.

But, I could not audit Jason Lee’s policy file. Because, his policy file is not apostille format.

Where is his apostille format policy file?


@jason.lee Hi Jason,
the person who made this thread didn’t tag your forum handle. Please try to address this in time before the election. I guess it’s just a technicality and you can clarify it easily.

Thanks Rene.

Just checked, there was a transaction hash generated.

Jason Lee Candidate Policy Document for NEM elections 2018 NCZSJHLTIMESERVBVKOW6US64YDZG2PFGQCSV23J fe4e5459034874c77209c8e9457ca68d23b4345c5d2becef210e7e1fc1add9cf0b66cd4b25

Fri, 16 Nov 2018 09:33:37 GMT

Let me know if there was something that didn’t came through. Thanks for doing the audit!

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This is the certificate itself - Certificate of Jason Lee Candidate Policy Document – TX a6302c77a59672bdb7d17846c2e2bca6e368e45ad2f10f2597c88d8b8dd25dae – Date 2018-11-16


I’m sorry, i audited Jason’s policy file. I did not think it was notarizing the zip file. I misunderstood that pdf file was notarized.

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Thanks appreciate the clarification and for doing the audit, need more community members who will take courage to ensure things are tracked.

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