Banned from reddit forum, why?


So ya ive been helping many people for months on how to use nem and i get banned from reddit
for calling someone a ‘beotch’ who called me a ‘uncle tom nigga’ first. >_<
Ive been one of the biggest supporters . They didn’t even take the time to see who they were banning but banned one of the supporters who have been taking the time to help new comers on the forum for months and used all my resources to help people find NEM and get the word out.

Even though i will keep my nem and sell it when time is right, and i own a LOT of XEM . Im not going to let being banned ruin a good investment but Ive lost any enthusiasm i had about getting more users on NEM and the guy who has never posted on nem forum once pops up last week and starts trolling, i reply and now im banned… I just want to say anyone i met in the reddit forum, thanks for all the tips and ya ill no longer be around here anymore. good day. Hope nem the best. SEE YA


Never mind i figured out why. I guess when i wasn’t online, the same guy got into it with other in the same post and it got vary violent, and because my comment was in the mix , not seeing all the others to come after i guess was auto included in the ban. Because i was confused when i got the message “Everyone else involved was also banned.”

I would suggest some warnings first because every person banned from the nem forum is money being banned from nem, some big investors might not be able to hold their cool, end up getting banned then make it their mission to troll and create fear with in the community, or some might have enough to cause a panic sale . which later hurts nem. I would never do that and i still think nem is the future regardless of some “mods” banning me. Well off to do something productive. :slight_smile:


No one will get blanket banned in this forum like happened in reddit. Reddit is much harder to moderate, and yes sometimes the wrong person will get banned. I am sorry that happened to you.


Yes, im not taking it hard, i will just help in this forum for now on ,
i realize it is a bit harder to mod reddit and i don’t blame the mods.
Thanks for your reply.


How could i delete this post?