Become a Core Team Member

Leading up to Symbol’s launch, the Core Team is looking to expand for the first time in NEM’s history. After five years, NEM and its greater ecosystem have outgrown the original team, and we’d like a bit more geographic diversity. We’re accepting applications for this volunteer position that effectively serves as an oversight role for the entire NEM ecosystem (akin to a corporate board seat).


  1. Passion for NEM
  2. Ability to pass AML/KYC
  3. High ethics
  4. English fluency (If a person isn’t fluent in English, then must be willing to work with a translator)

In your application, please include the following:

  1. Personal statement about the influence NEM and Symbol has had on you and where you would like us to go in the future. (no more than 500 words)
  2. 5-10 recommendations from other NEMBERS forwarded on Telegram. (no more than 200 words)

Please submit applications and recommendations in a Telegram messages to @jabo38.

All personal statements and recommendations should be sent by Sept 18th, 11:59 PM UTC.


In the few hours since this was posted, I’ve had several messages asking for my endorsement. So far all who have contacted me are good people with talent and high ethics.

Without knowing more detail about the job requirements, it’s hard to give personal recommendation.

Having been on boards, work groups, and committees, I know things often get “committeefied” - Lots of opinions, disorganization, duplicity of efforts, etc.

Some initial questions:
• Can we get more information on how this oversight team would be structured?
• What would the responsibilities?
• In decision making, how would consensus be reached?
• Is there target goal on how many people should be recruited?


Does this mean the core team will become public?

That might be a possibility.

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But the new member(s) will be public right? or will this be a vote “behind closed doors” without the public knowing the results? :sweat_smile:

Sounds interesting and I would also like some more info on the position. But as for now, happy you guys expand!


I would like to see Dorian as core team member for always having beein here and nice. He never asked anything back to NEM for all what he has done.

He is a great guy inside AND outside of NEM Chan.
He also has a great passion for NEM.

Or someone from Japan community ? They are the best. I hope NEM Group will take that in consideration.

I would strongly disagree for Leoinker as core team member and I have reasons for this.


There will not be a public vote. There will be an internal discussion and a public statement.

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Pls refrain from making personal comments/attacks on anyone. AFAIK, NGL does not decide who is on the Core Team. That is up to the current Core Team members. I would agree that Dorian does a lot for NEM and has been a long-time supporter.


For those that aren’t fluent at speaking English, per request and discussion, I have edited the document to reflect that it could be possible they work with a translator.


Hi Natta. We’ve never met. And unless you’ve used another psuedonym, I haven’t spoke with you in over a year. Hope you are doing well.
At this time I do not intend to apply to become a Core Team member. Regardless, I will continue to volunteer as much as possible.
Let’s keep the thread on topic now. I wish you the best! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello everyone

I have been here for a long time, although I have not published any articles, but I always browse articles

I think @Dtbychris
Very suitable for joining the team

He is very keen to share articles and will help new friends to answer when they join, especially in Taiwan and Asia.

If he can join the core team, I believe it will be very helpful


Would love to see some diversity of voice/region/gender in the Core Team. Looking forward to seeing the new members when they are confirmed. Best of luck to all those who apply.


The Sept 18th deadline is coming soon. Please all get applications in.


Today, I have written and sent out TWO recommendation letter PDFs to candidates of my preference.
We’ll get to know who is “elected” in the coming days, yes?


Just so everyone is aware and to confirm something Laura said above.

NEM Group are not involved in this process, at all.

I have been approached personally by a few people who are looking to run and I have a positive opinion of, however I will not be writing any letters of recommendation. I have also been asked if I will be running, I will not be seeking or accepting any role on Core Team at this time, even if offered.

This is primarily to avoid any conflict of interest, essentially the Core Team provides an independent layer over various aspects of the ecosystem, including NEM Group. It would therefore be inappropriate for me, while in the Exec Team, to attempt to place someone in that role who we may subsequently ask for funding etc or to be in control of the process by being a member personally. It is no reflection on anyone who has asked me thus far, you would all make fine candidates I am sure.

If asked for my opinion by Core Team I am happy to express it objectively from my personal experience with people, but will not be pushing any letters/recommendations to the team.

I just want it out in the open and clearly communicated so there is no confusion.

I look forward to seeing the expansion and new ideas, energy etc in the Core Team and am very thankful to the existing members for getting NEM to where it is today, it can’t have been easy at times and doubtless took plenty of personal sacrifice and energy.


In the afternoon of Taiwan time, I have forwarded the recommender and the reason for the recommendation to Jeff.

I wish everyone a successful election.


I have sent my application


Nice to see you applying Thilon !

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The time is up, let us look forward to the new core members happily and wish everyone the best.