Becoming a supernode

I spend 50% of my time in Hong Kong, 25% in France, and 25% in NC (USA).

Would gladly set it up at my Hong Kong flat.

Hong Kong would be nice.I could set up a delegated account with enough XEM. But you would have to trust me that i will transfer the earned (super node) XEM to an account of yours.

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Anybody else willing to help pool here? I was under the impression that the original stakeholders would spread the xem to benefit the community (as it can not be mined).

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BloodyRookie is a trusted person and core developer of NEM. His suggestion is the only variant that makes sense.
Nobody is going to just transfer 3 million XEM (approx. 4k USD at the time) to you without knowing you.

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Initial post said we could figure out an arrangement - paying $4k to get a node up is a bit ridiculous, considering anybody I paid would be netting 10x for me to help make this project grow.

This kind of attitude is opposite of what is needed for a startup.

Ok, I propose you a different deal:
we make a multisig account controlled by you, me and a trusted third user.

I send 3M XEM to this account and you run the node.

You and me take half of the supernode reward while the trusted third member takes all the harvesting fees.

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Hi rigel, I have Fiber internet and server and I want to become supernode too,Can I make a deal with you? I’m from Asia (Vietnam)

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What if I give you just the bootkey?

I promise I’ll share the profits with you.


What is a supernode and payout if you have 3 million xem? Is this mining?

right now we are testing, but when we payout, we will pay at probably 70,000 XEM per day split between the supernodes. So if there are 175 supernodes, that would be 400 XEM per day. Pay will go up as the program picks up and will increase to a target of 200,000+ per day.

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I am interested in becoming a supernode. Who can I communicate with to become one?

Just read this: NEM Supernode Rewards Program

what computer specs does one need to be able to run a node?

  1. one core
  2. 2GB RAM
  3. at least 5mbps upstream speed

2 months ago I made the exact same deal BloodyRookie is offering you, only with a different team member. I don’t see any problem in trusting a core team member to send you the rewards from running a node (and every tx is publicly available, anyone can check where the coins are being sent).

And if you have a life that allows you to travel so much, the electricity cost to keep a computer running at home shouldn’t really be an issue. Asking someone to sell you XEM below market price seems completely unreasonable to me. If they make 10x profit, that’s their reward for risking and investing at the right time. On the other hand, how could anyone trust you wouldn’t sell the XEM immediately for a profit and disappear?

If you want to help this project take off and you’re happy with whatever rewards come from the Supernodes, then imo the simplest solution is to accept the offer. I really don’t see any need for complicating things using multisig accounts.


Speaking of the boot key:
are there security implications if a remote (delegated) harvesting key is used as a boot key?!

I ask because I’m running one node on ubuntu VPS and I would like to check if
I can run it as a super node.

Also is it possible to use the same boot key on multiple nodes?
What happens in this case with the POI score or harvesting ?!

Can anyone explain please?!

Remote harvesting private key has no relationship with private key. So it is safe to use that (for supernodes it is mandatory).

You can use the same boot key in more than one node but only on one supernode.

I don’t think it’s a good idea having the same account harvesting on more than one node.

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Hi all,
I would like to start supernode server as well if where is still someone who would like to set up delegated account and would share profits :slight_smile: Server would be in eastern Euope.


Please leave me a contact so we can talk about partnering up?