Believer did not get his xym on bittrex

Hi guys,

a friend has xem holdings on bittrex and bittrex was part of the opt-in for xym. for years he has his xem on bittrex but did not get the xym so far (1st april 2021). Does he still need to wait? He desperately asked me for help.


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Yep Bittrex and Poloniex did not allocated XYMs to clients yet. And this is annoying. However i got info that Polo is working on this and info will be soon.

Maybe NEM Foundation can do official query to them? It could help better than small player contact with their support.

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thats a great idea! @nemfoundation - please contact the exchanges. i think xym has the potential to become top 10 crypto

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The NEM Foundation no longer exists.
You should inform yourself.
By the way, you can easily use the “search function” here in the forum.

" NEM Group Update "

Apart from that, each user should ask on his own initiative at the appropriate exchange.

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its very shameful that bittrex still did not give xym tokens to their customers yet … meanwhile the price goes down and down and some of us will prob sell at 0.1