Bimtrazer signs MOU in Qatar to support FIFA World Cup through Symbol blockchain

Bimtrazer signs MOU in Qatar

Bimtrazer will apply artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology (Symbol from NEM) to construction control building for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

As reported in Cointelegraph en Espanol: LINK

The capital of Qatar (Doha) will host the twenty-second edition of the Football World Cup
organised by FIFA between November 21 and December 18, 2022.

With a thriving and dynamic economy, Qatar is preparing to receive 1.5 million fans (more than half of its population). FIFA requires that at least 60,000 hotel rooms be built and are ready for use before the tournament. Doha currently only has has half of this figure.

Other emblematic works await completion, such as Sharq Crossing, a project designed by the Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatraba. This project consists of a set of three interconnected bridges with underwater tunnels, which will cover almost ten kilometers linking Hamad International Airport with the city’s cultural district and West Bay Central. This mega works is budgeted at 12 billion dollars and is expected to be commence in March of this year.

In the effort to achieve this ambitious goal on time, Qatar has opened up to the use of cutting-edge technologies to optimise construction processes in the Real State sector.

Bimtrazer signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with a Qatari company which includes the evaluation of the platform to follow up on a set of works that must culminate before the FIFA World Cup 2022. More details will be disclosed soon.

Among the agreements, the company is expected to use BIM models with Artificial Intelligence applied to the analysis of yields and Blockchain for the traceability of work and quantity of materials.

Bimtrazer is a multi-national company based in Chile and Argentina that developed a platform that combines BIM with AI, supported by Symbol (NEM’s new cutting-edge blockchain technology). The company was awarded the first prize for technological innovation at one of the most important Construction events in Latin America (ExpoEdifica) in October 2019.


Increíble, gran noticia, muy buen trabajo en Latinoamérica Pedro y compañía. :clap::clap::clap:


How is this currently going?
Since the NEM Foundation is gone and Symbol launch has been postponed, is this no longer this case?

Hello @tresto , the Bimtrazer project is still active, it operates in different Latin American countries: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic and Colombia. Plus this, Spain

Regarding the Status of Qatar I will ask the CEO to give us an update on that and I will let you know.


Yes. I know that the Bimtrazer project is active!
I would like to know information about that Qatar. Please.

After having held a meeting yesterday with Pablo Romero, the CEO of Bimtrazer, he told me about QATAR: “We are waiting for authorization to travel. We obtained dozens of hearings with the construction companies but we could not travel due to the COVID issue. In our On the trip to QATAR we were able to register a company there to operate with a partner, but the Covid situation prevented us from going to subsequent meetings. We hope that next year we can resume and move forward with the agreement we have. We will leave an update once we hear from it.”



I see. Thanks.