Binance & the Global Trading Tournament Clarification

The removal of the Binance logo from various promotional materials relating to Wave 1 of the Global Exhange Trading Tournament yesterday, has promoted a number of questions about Binance and their involvement in the tournament as a whole.

We want to clarify some of those questions to remove any confusion or doubt.

As the community is aware, Binance is a dentralised organisation and entity, with multiple regional exchanges. These operate autonomously, deciding on their own marketing packages and promotional activities, including AMAs and trading competitions etc.

In the set up and promotion of wave 1 of the Exchange Tournament, there was confusion about which part of Binance agreed to participate and the inclusion of the Binance logo did not adequately clarify that. Out of respect for Binance, and to remove the confusion, we removed the logo from all promotional material while the issue is being clarified and resolved.

We will be able to update the community on which parts of Binance will be involved in the tournament once we hear back from them on how they would like to proceed, which we expect within the next 48 Hours.


Well, thanks for clarification, but on the other hand, this situation should not happen at all. Why you did not have it prepared properly? This is pretty amateur attitude. From day 1 you should be 100% sure which part of Binance will join trading competition.


Agreed. it was a mistake as we were responding quickly to requests from different part of Binance. The team is 100% focused on clearly making sure things are smoother going forward.