Binance USA will be add NEM

will be NEM add at binance USA exchange what the NEM FOUNDATION had do about that?
we need to know

thanks in advance


where CEO of binance USA

No, Nem will not be added to binance. Nem currently has little if any active development and code isn’t open source so there is no 100% way for the binance team to know that nem isn’t a scam or even does what it says.

these is not correct NEM Catapult IS 100% OPEN SOURCE
so you are wrong bro

check it and you will see that NEM Catapult is 100% open source

THE CURRENT VERSION OF NEM IS NOT OPEN SOURCE. Stop pointing to code that may or may not be usable and isn’t even released as proof that it’s open source. Show me code from the current version of Nem, then you can crtl+p your “100% OpeN sOUrCe”

Sorry to break it to you bRo.

Bur Catapult is open source and you can check the code (private and public version) :-). Catapult is the future of NEM. So anyway you should use and deploy on that version.

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when catapult is out will be add at BINANCE USA

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