Bitcoin is the world’s 6th largest currency

Bitcoin is the world’s 6th largest currency. These figures are noteworthy, but if the value of a single Bitcoin goes up to $15,000, India’s currency Rupee will pass. Ethereum ranked 17th and Bitcoin Cash ranked 20th. Ripple is located just below 20.
How many years Bitcoin will need to become No.1 ?


I think it will take 5-10 years for Bitcoin to become the largest currency. Theoretically, Bitcoin can perform like gold. It actually can be valued like gold t if Federal Reserve System recognizes the Bitcoin protocol. Especially considering that there are not so many coins left – Bitcoin should function like a standard, not like an ordinary currency.


well if its valued like gold then is a shit investment for the everyday man.
Has not done a 2x in many decades.
pffft, Gold only good for magnates that wish to leave the country in a hurry.

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Coinbase moved nearly $3 billion
worth of Bitcoins (BTC) (856,000 Bitcoins). What do you think this means?

Bitcoin prices recovered today, but have they bottomed out?

I thought Bitcoin would be the first one and popular crypto currecny. Anyways thanks for sharing this news which I didn’t know.

Btc is number 1 crypto currency. 2 Eth . 3 xrp…19 Nem … etc
Do you talk about traditional currencies or the crypto market?

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crypto market obviously.

It all depends on the political situation. People love cryptocurrency, but the government does not want to support it.

Of course the cryptographic market is still immature and when a country decides to use crypto on a daily basis BTC will possibly become one of the six most important currencies and will remain the first in the cryptographic market.

As I understand the author told about all currencies - fiat and crypto, no?

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