Bitcoin may reach $ 20,000 by the end of this year?


I think that is very likely, unfortunately crypto fail to deliver (for now), given
“technology” which is not muck of technology after all.

BTW what is all of this obsession about bitcoin on nem forums?


Do you think that altcoins that fall below their YTD price are permanently impaired?


Actually you are right, as long as it goes in the ‘‘crypto’’ section.
EmmaLee seems to be posting about nothing but Bitcoin.
There is nothing wrong with talking about Bitcoin as long as it stays in the right sections.


20000$ can happen but 1 million $ is not possible. There is too little time for the market to increase 170 times and we do not have any facilities to do so.


There are speculations that the market will continue going down until the end of the year but I hope the market can move up a bit


there has to be some great news or a miracle for this to happen.