Bitcoin may reach $ 20,000 by the end of this year?


2017 can be said to be the boom year of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin has reached the highest price of 20k$. All of us have been looking forward to a cryptocurrenc’s steady growth in 2018. But the market is constantly falling, many expect it to rise sharply by the end of 2018, But I do not trust, people can raise their personal opinions for me to refer to, thank you very much.


No one knows what’s really happening, but based on the overwhelming down direction in which the market has been going since the beginning of this year, I would say that no, I don’t think bitcoin may reach $20,000 by the end of this year.


I will be happy if it’ll run at least 10,000$ And that is very likely. Bear market stubbornly refuses to give up its position, and the bulls are hiding and waiting for a favorable moment. Well, if we see $ 20,000 by the end of next year


Why shouldn’t we be concerned? Seems like everyone on here is extremely confident will see a bounce back to the December highs and then surpass them, but this dip/crash is now 5 months long. So I’m curious as to why so many of you are confident?


I don’t think that will happen. Honestly, I think crypto will not see the spotlight for another one or two years. Until then, real applications can (and are) being build with blockchain.


I think the best is to discuss it with your fellow country men and ask them about their reviews before making your mind.


when bitcoin prices are drops, I think we better talk more about the positive value of bitcoin. do not think about the value of bitcoin today, because thinking about it will only make us panic and confused. enough G20 make us calm. So, now. we are talking about the benefits of bitcoin if bitcoin managed well.

what do you think if bitcoin is managed well by a country?


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Currently some exchanges in my country are introducing new upgrades.
Now if you used Yahoo chat when Yahelite (deep thawt) was prominent the you would see how advantageous good tech is over poor tech.
The if you used the upgraded yahoo chat, that surpassed Yahelite then you would see how great programming can improve a platform.
Then if you then watch Yahoo chat become obsolete only with lesser chat programs like Telegram and Whatsap to surpass all (many years later), then you must know that marketing is a thing…maybe just luck? yet I ask this question.
Does marketing or moving your product equate to shouting in the streets?
OR is there something else…



It might be possible that cryptocurrency rise in end of 2018 or in beginning of 2019…everybody is expecting boom in market lets see what happen…


Telegram and whatsapp are IMHO just basic apps that fail to do anything.
Big money flows in and all we get i a rudimentary chat program.
Get real, these progs are begging for billions and the tech behind them is nothing new.

I mean what is whatapp and Telegram?
They are basic text to text chat programs that a 10 year old could produce.


I’m very surprised to see how many are saying we may never see BTC 20k again. Roll Eyes The total crypto market cap is so insanely small right now. If you believe in the tech and can see the value in it I don’t see how you can think we already hit the top. Maybe I am missing something?


Odds are very, very low. Right now the market sentiment is bearish, there is no indiciation that there is going to be a breakout any time soon, and although the BTC dominance is gaining every day, BTC isn’t increasing in value, it’s just stagnating, whilst alts are going way down against BTC. Wait for corporate adoption, then we will see growth.


I believe that the miracle is in 2018 it’s not over yet there are still 3 more months and something can still happen even though it’s difficult but nothing is impossible the strength will come soon. I hope this will actually reach another 20k$


$20k is very plausible, but maybe sometime in the future. As I said, 1 to 2 years. If you compare this time to the Internet and NASDAQ boom I think it makes much more sense.


If it hits 20k then it will hit 100k.
Last years pump would still be very anticipated, the money would flow in twice as vigorously.
I would be surprised if it hit 10k.
But anything is possible in the crypto world.
Actually I am more interested in the Alts, with all these new exchanges and large established exchanges then it hints to me that Alt coins do indeed have a decent future.



20000$ can happen but 1 million $ is not possible. There is too little time for the market to increase 170 times and we do not have any facilities to do so. There are speculations that the market will continue going down until the end of the year but I hope the market can move up a bit


Possibly, but its mid September now and if people want bitcoin to hit 20.000, there has to be some great news or a miracle for this to happen.


Yes , I was saying that if it did happen it would hit 100k.
But in my thoughts I would be surprised if it broke 10k.
Everyone is sweating on the bear market to break, can you imagine if it broke, everyone would throw cash at it… however… everyone throwing cash at “fast dollar” entity’s is not really in the interests of governments that want to keep their populations wealth localized.
And to a large extent secure.
While governments are wholly criticized by the Bitcoin rhetoric, there are reasons why you should not hock your house to become rich in 12 months.



There are speculations that the market will continue going down until the end of the year