Bitcoinference 3-5.9 [OLD]

This comes a bit late, but I'd like to let all the nemsters know that I represented NEM in the [url=]Bitcoinference that took place from 3-5 September. Here is a quick summary of the conference.

Bitcoinference was a quite small conference and there were around 30 people participating from all around the world. So basically no large exchanges/manufacturers/etc have any stands (exept blackarrow who sponsored the conference) but there was still a lot of interesting people and some useful connections were made. Since this was a sort of beta test of conference participation I didn't give a speech about NEM, but looked at the opportunities that these kind of conferences can offer, and in that sense this conference was a great success. We are now on solid ground when it comes to conference representation know-how!

There was a lot of speeches from various cryptocurrency professionals and enthusiasts, and you can check the speakers in this [url=]link. Some interesting speakers were:

    [li][url=]Stellar, presented by Pavel Kravchenko. He's presentation was very good, but I can't find it for some reason. Will update it later if I get my hands on it.[/li]
    [li][url=]NXT, presented by BAS (Damelon). I would suggest that every NEM marketer would watch[url=] this speech since it gives a lot of quidelines for our marketing![/li]
    [li][url=]Blocktrail (an advanced blockchain website that scouts Reddit and BTT for TC addresses and combines data received from there to the blockchain in order to provide a view on what BTC account belongs to whom and to monitor their transactions). Maybe this is something where our block explorer deveopers can find ideas?[/li]
    [li][url=]Spacebit (IPO platform for creating IP regarding space research).[/li]
    [li][url=]Bitalo (a multi-signature exchange that also allows bitcoin price futures).[/li]
    [li][url=]Sigimera a company run by Alex Oberhauser, which specializes in different cryptocurrency solutions. They have some very interesting projects.[/li]

    I made connections with all the parties and people in the above list, so if anyone in the NEM community would like to have contact them or talk about collaborative projects, just send me PM and I can direct you further.

    There will be a new bitcoinference in Amsterdam in the foreseeable future and I established connections there. It is likely that we will be able to give a speech about NEM on the next one.

    But in the mean time let's leave the conference representation to Rockethead :wink:
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good job!

Thanks for the informative update erkki. This was our first conference but we are learning fast and making good progress.

Yeah its important to start somewhere :slight_smile:

Yeah. Thanks)