/block/at/public RPC interface does not returns transaction hash


When I calling “/block/at/public” RPC interface on my NIS node I found that it only has timeStamp, amount, signature, signer, recipient and some other properties in the “transactions” section, no transaction hash or transaction id listed. Is there any way to include transaction hash or transaction id in the result or is there some other way to find them in block information?

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From nembex-v3 source code I found that /local/block/at interface fit the requirements. But it seems not listed in NIS API document yet.

No, the reason is that both, block hash and transaction hashes, can be calculated from the block data.

The request /local/block/ is only available for a local NIS. For a remote NIS there is no equivalent.

Thank you very much.

And by the way, is there any document about the local NIS RPC interfaces, or is it not suitable for going public?

The /local/block/at request was only intended to be used by the block explorer, so it was not documented in the public api description.

Thank you very much!

How can I calculate transaction hashes? Couldn’t find documentation about that

If you are using javascript as language i guess you can use the nem-sdk / nem-api, there should be some function for it. Otherwise you can take a look at the docs:


As stated at the end of that chapter you have to hash the gather byte data to get the transaction hash.

I’m also looking for it. Any other way to get transaction hash?

/local/block/at is still available? If yes, can anyone please mention URL/params/body/headers?
Still, explorers using the same API?

Can you please mention which function nem-sdk/nem-api provides? I’m not able to find it.

This https://nemproject.github.io/#gathering-data-for-the-signature looks very complex. We can’t do it for every transaction.