Blockgrain is now using eth?

I just watched Nuggets news and it said Blockgrain was now eth based.
Did they accept the funding the Nem Foundation gave them and how does this work?
I was always skeptical of the secrecy of Blockgrain but backed it because it is a great idea… now shocked.

please post proof, right now this just sounds like FUD.

@xemnewbie Blockgrain gave up Community Fund (they don’t take any funds). Statement is here:

And yes. As far as I know they using Ethereum for ICO but this is of course they choice.

Well,I guess I totally understand why they chose ERC20 over nem and it is clear from their statement,since they havent accepted the community funds,it should be fine.

They put out a statement on Nem telegram saying they are still undecided which platform they will build on and Nem is still the front runner.

I think they are still uncertain about the platform choice. They don’t want to accept the NEM community funds but will use the NEM blockchain? And despite the scalability and longevity of Ethereum that so concerned BlockGrain they do ICO with erc 20 token. I don’t know what good can it do. The experience often shows that chasing two rabbits and catching none.

BlockGrain went for the NCF vote (and got it) but decided than an ICO was preferable . At that time, the situation was different to now, where everyone was doing an ICO. We are still friends here in Australia and have always kept the doors open to support with NEM integration. I have personally brought BlockGrain in as a NEM partner and am committed to continue to keep help them with NEM integration should they be keen.



I guess ‘yes’, now it’s eth based

I am based in Australia and we are still looking to see if we can work with them in some way or another. We wish them best with success nevertheless.