BolehVPN Offshore, no logs VPN that accepts XEM!

What is BolehVPN?

What do the different BolehVPN configurations do?

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  • Secures your internet connection and data from prying eyes

  • Allows you to access geo-specific content like Netflix, Pandora, Veoh

  • Encrypts your connection to bypass traffic shaping, accelerating your P2P

  • Bypass censorship



  • Established in March 2007
  • Thousands of active paying users!
  • Featured in various social media/blogs and even in international sites such as LifeHacker, TorrentFreak, and GreyCoder and constantly reviewed as one of the top VPNs


  • Customized GUI makes setup a breeze (for Windows/Mac)
  • Available for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS


  • Uses OpenVPN, one of the most secure VPN implementations
  • Encrypted with military grade encryption 256 bit AES
  • VPN servers are completely independent and do not communicate with customer database
  • No logging
  • Perfect forward secrecy


  • Gigabit network connectivity
  • UDP mode gives high performance
  • Servers tweaked and optimized for speed


Servers in USA/UK/Luxembourg/Netherlands/Switzerland/Italy/France/Japan/Germany/Canada/Malaysia/Singapore/Sweden
Users are free to switch to any server at no cost
Both VPN proxied and fully routed setups
Supports P2P
L2TP support for devices that do not support OpenVPN[/spoiler]


[email protected]


7 days: 3.70
30 days: 9.99
60 days: 16.99
180 days: 44.99
365 days: 79.99

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I’m Reuben, one of BolehVPN’s co-founders and will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

To start with, why am I accepting XEM?

BolehVPN was the first merchant in Malaysia to accept Bitcoin and Dash (and probably still has the largest transaction volume as a merchant in the country for these two currencies) and being a relatively smaller company, we’re more open to unique payment options.

@rockethead approached me way back and introduced NEM to me and I bought some stakes and NEM silvers (yes still waiting for them). Although it hasn’t been an investment that has paid off thus far, I’m still hopeful and would like to share my service with the NEMsters here as a show of support for the currency and be the first merchant to do so! Hopefully this will pave way for creating more people to create an ecosystem for it and increase awareness of the currency.

Bear with us with the crude payment mechanism but there seems to be a lack of tools available at the moment to lock it to a fiat price. If NEM gains some stability, we might be able to lock prices to XEM instead of fiat in the future:smiley:

Good to see someone supporting.

It is a pretty good service too. I talked to somebody who uses it. :smile:

I think ExpressVPN is better than it and keep no logs most of the VPN review websites recommend ExpressVPN

but do they accept XEM?

Take note that many of these review sites are paid sponsorships and

The Netherlands VPN that I use is Ivacy. It gives fast internet speed with no throttling, and uninterrupted fast streaming with zero log policy.

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