Bounty for a developer

I’m willing to pay 20000 XYM to the developer that implements peer to peer mosaic swap in Symbol desktop wallet via an aggregate transaction.

How this shoud work:

  1. The wallet let me input the address of another user and let me choose his mosaics (including XYM) I want to receive and the quantity of each one.
  2. The wallet let me choose between my account and all the accounts I’m cosigner of (automatically skip this step if I’m cosigner of no account). The selected account will be the receiver of the mosaics.
  3. The wallet let me choose the mosaics (including XYM) I want to send and the quantity of each one from the account selected in the previous step.
  4. The wallet asks my password and sends an aggregate transaction with my signature.

The patch must be pushed to git and accepted by the team, so be sure to cope with any requirements by them.

The payment will happen in few days after the two conditions are met:
Symbol is launched
The patch is included in the official wallet.


Before final confirm show a warning such as “10 XYM will be locked until swap is completed. If counterpart doesn’t confirm it in 48h those will be lost.”

Also, make sure the sending account has enough XYM for locking and fees before proceeding. Don’t let me select all of my XYM in phase 3.

Try to discover and solve any possible pitfall.

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Is reservation required for this bounty? Or will you review every submission and pick the most suitable one?

No reservation needed.
I didn’t receive any response ATM.