Brainstorm for green farm

hello dear community

What do you think, could usual farmer tokenize own farm? (with land, technics, food, etc.)

Any ideas what to do if yes!!! :slight_smile:

Asset tokenisation engages a lot of legal aspects. If you tokenize an asset and the local government doesn’t recognize the tokenization, then it is useless IMO.

What I would find exciting would be to tokenize the food itself.

Then the token value would rely on trust between the food producers and the consumers.

The best use case I see:

Fact: More and more people want to eat healthy local food.

A chemical farmer wanting to start an organic vegetable production activity. In order to cover the setup costs, as well as creating a network effect to maximize the direct sales he will make to nearby consumers (more margin, better environmental impact), the farmer issues tokens that people can purchase in order to use them later to buy vegetables from this farmer. The tokens sales prices would be pegged to the farmer’s sale price. (eg: 10tokens = 1kg of potatoes)

You can tokenize for example organic certification, supply chain, use IoT devices to track soil Ph, moisture levels and detect pesticide/herbicide levels as well.
There are a lot of ways to use a blockchain with agriculture.
Happy to chat about it.

Ok. I’d like be more understandable and tell about real case.

There is farm that have big ground, river and some about 20 animals, 1 tractor. There are eco production for local people around and potential to grow. Farm produces honey, grass, milk and meat.

Farmer wants to get investments. Any ideas how to do this via Nem.

Could farmer create node for harvesting, NEM market for production and smart contracts for investors inside the node?

Could farmer take a technics from factory via NEM lising model?

What do you think about agrichain project on NEM?

To continue your idea to sell tokens for potatoes or other food I’d like to ask about realisation of this idea. How to build own area for market food and tokens? Should it be site, or node NEM with special plugins within etc.

It’s midnight here so I can’t quite get into it just yet, but will try and flesh out a few ideas tomorrow.

Well, I can not draw a whole business model just like that, but if you launch a prototyping I would be happy to contribute!

IMO, the problem is not technical, something cool is buildable using the tools we already have quite easily.
Btw I see you talking about smart contracts and special plugins, so I am not sure that you have a good understanding of how NEM works. I invite you to spend some time here first:

Several options here, it really depends on the business logic.
For example, we could have a namespace that represents a distribution network, and a mosaic/farmer.

The 2 critical success factors about my idea are:

  1. A good business model
  2. A human organization on the ground that promotes and maintains this activity.
    Tech is not an issue.
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Didn’t read all the replies above, but I would like to introduce you one example in Japan.

Farmers coinファーマーズコイン

The idea is
You can harvest Farmers coin by helping his farm work.
With Farmers coin, you can buy vegetables which didn’t meet the product starndard OR
you can donate that vegetables to a charitable restaurant.

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Takeuchi-san doumo arigatou!

How could I harvest farmer coins? I visited this site but did not understand investing options :thinking:

  1. A good business model

Farmer can tokenize own agricultural funds

  1. land resources
  2. animals
  3. buildings (houses, animal houses, store, storage, etc)
  4. equipments
  5. tehcnics.

And this farmer token can be used like a pledge for investors and can be selled if farmer cannot to keep promises.


Farmer has a land but has no storage and kombain to produce grain. Farmer gave some money to programmer to create site on NEM. Programmer wants to know how how to build relationships beetween farmer and potentinal investors. He created several mosaics: storage, technics, pieces of land (m2)

Themes to discuss

  1. how to sell this assets via investor cabinet in internet?
  2. how automate rewards via smart contracts? In fact farmer are selling own products via fiat money mostly. No transparancy for NEM.
  3. How to create system of voting for smart contract (bad/good farmer asset marking)?

You need to visit his farm and do farm work.
Probably he will manually send you farmers coin.

There is no inventment option.
He just wants to give value to vegetables that are supposed to be thrown away.
Also harvesting (helping his work) will benefit local charity group.

This is just an example of token economy.

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How can my harvesting help farmer-san? I should harvest on farmer’s node, is not it?

Going to his farm and help his real farm work such as taking out weeds, watering, fertilization is called “harvesting” for earning farmers coin.