Project Update | 2018-05-11

I’m Charlie and our team is building on NEM. is a platform where people can buy and sell discounted gift cards to save money and get cash/crypto for their unwanted gift cards. It’s a surprisingly big market that is very very broken.

We’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up like a community program with token giveaways, our proposal for the NEM Community Fund DAO, interesting content about the future of crypto, and the fundraising process for a dApp company, and much more.

We’ve built a webpage for project updates exclusively for the NEM community here:
It’s password protected — pw: xemmoon

Take a look if you haven’t before and ping us on our Telegram with questions, comments, and trolling us. Well, not the last one please.



And thank you to the NEM Middle East team for all your help!

Sounds very interesting, I will definitely be taking a look at it.

Thank you so much @xemnewbie! We’re really excited about the project and we’re glad you find in intriguing as well.


cheers for the like @park!

Actually, I was just about to reach out to you for your feedback. DMing you now…

scratch that @park…I did in fact already DM you — would love to hear your thoughts if you are up for it

Hi @Charlie_Muir ,

Great idea!

I for one have a gift card that has been sitting in my wallet for a while now that I most probably won’t use so would be handy to sell it.

One question, how does it work from the company side?

For example, if i provide an Apple gift card for sale and someones agrees to purchase how is the gift card recognised to have changed owners? Does Apple need to somehow verify that the card has been paid in the users interface when the purchaser goes to buy something?

Also, I am part of a startup called Mobi which is a carpooling based platform for commuting - would love to get your opinion on what you think about it!

Have a look at ur summary if you get the chance: