C# Nis Api library


If anyone wants to have a go developing something with c#, I’ve written an api library that can use any nis safely. You don’t even need to set up the connection if it doesn’t matter what node you connect to, it auto connects to trusted Dev nodes, all you gota do is not pass a connection to Accountfactory and the connection will set itself up. Its also a single line job to bounce between test net and main net.

For now I would advise only using on testnet until I update the fee structure and do a few other things, I just don’t have time atm. Should have it done soon tho.

I tried to make it as simple to use as possible so once the library is imported you can literally copy paste the code in the read me into your project and it will work.


Hi, just tried it but have a small problem. Which version of Chaos.NaCl did you use? I tried both


They both compile, but when I reference the dll this produces in NemApi, the compiler complains about “Ed25519” containing definitions for “key_derive” (Ed25519BlockCipher.cs) and “crypto_sign2” (Signer.cs).

Thanks in advance!

i think that could be because i had to modify the NaCl library. you need to compile the version that comes in packages within the nemapi project solution i think and reference that one. once you reference that one, compile the NemApi again and i think that should work.

in the NemApi project, it should already reference the modified NaCl library so if you open the Chaos.NaCl project and compile it, that should do the trick i think. not sure why thats the only one that messes up. :confused:

Ah, I totally overlooked the packages directory… It’s working now, thank you!

no worries. i fixed the issue anyway. the folder that contained the DLL for Chaos.NaCl was beign ignored so it wasnt being cloned. problem fixed anyway thanks for pointing that out. should work off the bat next time

Hi Could you please help us conecting through MIJIN_TEST and MIJIN

sure. you can use this new library: https://bitbucket.org/kod_5/nem1-sdk-csharp/src/master/

if you describe exactly what you need to do, i can help.

Actually I am trying to connect with MIJIN_TEST Network programatically
using the IP It doesnt work.
The same code for testnet it is working.
Advise please

can you show me code somehow? are you on telegram?

yes i am in telegram

add @kodtycoon

ps. that node is offline it seems. will continue on telegram

nice job @kodtycoon!!! This is a great resource.

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