Call of ideas from Italian Supermarket chain on eggs supply chain

The italian supermarket chain “COOP”, is looking for ideas
to apply blockchain on eggs supply chain through a Proof of Concept.

"We are interested in solutions that can gather information from throughout the production
chain and implement blockchain into the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that Coop is
currently developing, with a specific focus on:

  1. Digitizing data collection in the field to minimize the burden of manual insertion and
    updating of information related to supply chain steps
  2. Identifying effective ways of standardizing information related to the various steps of
    the supply chain
  3. Articulating the advantages of blockchain to build an effective and efficient
    traceability system
  4. Finding ways to involve and engage the consumer through awareness of the
    traceability of the supply chain, in order to effectively communicate the values upon
    which Coop was founded."


Application form:


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Hi @quasarblue
Great initiative! Are you familiar with the Origins project, by @Samantha_Jones ?

They seem to be addressing the same traceability issues as you guys are, and might be able to help out?

Best of luck!


Yes, we would love to have the origins utilised by other use cases, we’re in the last 36 hours of voting but if it is approved then we are happy to collaborate with other organisations and industries. Our website is here:

And voting details here:

Please use the poll address:

To vote YES :white_check_mark: send 0 XEM to:

To vote NO :no_entry_sign: send 0 XEM to:

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