Can I identify where my funds went (exchange or wallet) from the TXid or recipient address?

Back in March of 2020 I sent NEM out of Bittrex but Im not sure where it went. I forgot to write down where I sent these coins and now all I have is the transaction showing that I pulled the coins off of Bittrex. I have this info (see below) but don’t know what to do with it. I have gone to NEM blockchain explorer and searched the info below but again I don’t know what Im looking at? Can someone please advise if I can find out if I sent this to an exchange or a wallet and identify the name of the exchange or wallet?



2020/03/27 21:21:50

Symbol: XEM
Quantity: 49,996.00000000
Commission: 4.00000000
Status: Completed
Authorized: Yes

You have sent your XEM from Bittrex to Binance.


Unfortunately, you forgot your message ID. Also, this is the wrong deposit address.
Please contact the binance support.

Hello Garm,
thank you for letting me know it was sent to Binance. 3 more quick questions

  1. Do you know if it was binance or
  2. The deposit address I provided is the one Bittrex provided in my withdrawal history. Do you think it is wrong because I provided the wrong address when I sent funds in 2020 or were you thinking that I entered it incorrectly when submitting on this forum? The reason I ask is because Im curious how this error could have occurred since I always just copy/paste or scan the address that im sending to.
  3. On Binance’s asset recovery application, they are asking for TXId without the blockchain explorer URL? Do you know what that is based off the info I have provide here?

This is the transaction id BInance support require in order for them to help you.


Good luck, hope you get this matter resolved soon👍🏻.

Hey Bunnie-

I just found out that the deposit address doesn’t match my XEM address. Does that mean my funds are gone?

You have sent to Binance WITHDRAW address instead Binance deposit address. And without memo. So two mistakes.

Bunnie- thank you so much for clarifying. Your feedback is very helpful. One last question. Any idea if these are recoverable mistakes?

Hi Brogee,

Did you send the memo when you made the transfer?

No, I did not, but they do have a recovery process for people who forget to enter the message ID. Binance has an asset recovery application that they keep pushing me to complete BUT when I put in my recipient address in the application their system says it doesn’t match to my account and since it doesn’t match my account their system doesn’t let me complete the recovery application. Their system stops me in the middle of completing the form. Im assuming it doesn’t match because their application system isn’t crossing it with my withdrawal address, their matching it with my deposit address (like you mentioned above).

So sorry to hear this Brogee.

Have to checked your Bittrex transaction history to see if the address you sent to match your Binance Nem deposit address.

Did you scan the QR code or did you copy and paste?

I copy and pasted it.

I cannot check my Binance deposit or withdrawal address because I am a US resident and this transaction Im trying to recover took place just before all US residents were required to switch over to binanceUS. Since then has shut down some of my access. One of the things it will not allow me to access is the deposit or withdrawal address of any coins.

The transaction info I provided in my original submission (above) was copy and pasted here directly from my bittrex withdrawal account.

Im submitting another ticket to Binance to see if I can get a “person” to review my situation instead of their automated system pushing me to the Asset recovery Application.

Hi Brogee,

Hope you receive some real help from Binance. That is a fair amount of Nem you don’t want to lose.

Send only XEM to the deposit address. Sending any other coin or token may result in the loss of your deposit.

(This applies to Binance; instructions from other exchanges may differ)

  • Tick the ‘I understand that deposits without a Message will be lost’ checkbox to acknowledge the warning.
  • Click ‘Continue Deposit

*Both message and address are required to successfully deposit your XEM to Binance. Failing to follow the instructions correctly may result in the loss of your deposit.

Bunnie- Thank you again for helping me understand my mistakes. I’ll keep this discussion updated as I get a response from Binance.

Thanks again

Hi Brogee, were you eventually able to recover the funds? If yes, share your experience