Can I use NEM logo for my own project?

Can I use a nem logo as a part of my own logo for a commercial project which is related to NEM?

You should ask someone from foundation.
@n3lz0n can you help?

Most of us that are building on NEM have been using the Powered by NEM in the logo. I would hesitate to use the logo in your official logo without a statement like that since it implies an official connection. Here is an example:

note: Perhaps adding a developer logo guide to the github would be useful.

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@Saul have we already something like this?

Bump for some kind of dev kit/guidelines. Would be cool to be able to put a ‘Built on NEM’ tag in the footer with a nice vector logo.

Any news on this?

Here is the github repo that has all the logos:

Here is the dev kit, located on our website:

Does that help?

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