Can public Catapult proceed without the foundation?

Presumably like most, my knockers have been blown off by the fact that Catapult’s launch was dependent on the council. They’ve flown off even further into the distance when it was revealed they’ve basically done nothing about it for months despite being in a position to do so.

I am of course hoping that the election does something to address this. If it doesn’t, can the foundation be bypassed in this matter?

I’ve seen talk in the Telegram channels of putting some sort of group together to work on this. How viable and realistic a proposition would that be? Would the core developers be receptive to another setup?


Of course it can, the devs control that and if they were to decide to work with someone other than the council (or a subset of the council or whatever makes sense) then nothing is stopping Catapult from happening.
The foundation is basically irrelevant in this issue, the devs are who matters.

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I think regardless of the elections out come, this is a good proposal.
Get a group of willing individuals with experience and skill set to add value to this and get this puppy going.
If we have some form of structured communication with no trolls and time wasters and we ask that we want to assist and give feedback and input, this is just all positives, why not.

Private chain was released late last year correct?
Public chain was slated for mid 2018 if I remember.
So exactly how late is public catapult?
I mean word was last year that 300 companies had taken on Mijin/Catapult as a beta test.
Thing is, news on that side of things has been very quite lately.
This is where I do not understand Nem, what exactly is Tech Bureau (Private company) to the Foundation and Nem?, (I already know they have Mijin and COMSA, and pay Devs).

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We are already in the process of putting together such a group of community devs and tech people with the task of creating a catapult public roadmap, which seems to be holding back the public release the most right now.

So far the responses have been very positive towards that initiative. The foundation already worked on the roadmap and has something in that regard. But we will probably start from scratch with a fresh and objective view on things, and then later compare/merge results with the foundation, possibly leading to better results.


Is that a “speil”.
That shtff get’s tired after a year or so.
These pre=generated answers are getting quite old mate.

With all due respect, this sounds like a total clusterfuck. So right now you’re in the process of assembling a team of devs and tech people that would work on the catapult roadmap, while the NF already has a roadmap that was completely ignored for some reason, and then you will merge and compare results. And all of this, of course, is what holds/held back the release of public catapult…

If nothing happens in terms of progress post election then the foundation should be ignored completely.

It’s the core developers who need to be worked with and consulted, the foundation has already proven that it brings nothing to this particular conversation.

They can be told to work with the results when they’re complete.

The foundation failed to give feedback to the devs regarding the roadmap for Catapult. It wasn’t ignored, they just never properly communicated.
If the foundation fails to do something this important (for 6 freaking months at that) then the devs would probably appreciate some other circle of community members to work with.
I don’t think Mexxer is suggesting to compete with the foundation. This seems to be about helping the next council and the devs.


In other words, they ignored it. It’s not like this was such an insurmountable task that the foundation had such a difficult time with, try tried, but unfortunately failed… No, they just didn’t give a damn about (and ignored) how important it was.

Some of them did try to give feedback and clarify certain things but obviously that’s not enough and it might got back to the point about not everyone (might be a severe understatement) having a technical background.

Here’s the situation:
The foundation got the task last April to finish the roadmap and plan for public catapult. Without public catapult can’t be released. So far the foundation hasn’t finished it yet.

We are just a bunch of dedicated community members who are tired of waiting and want to push the release forward so we are taking initiative and helping out getting catapult released as early as possible.
This is not a competition with the foundation, rather a collaboration. We all want the same thing here: To release catapult on the public chain as fast as possible. I don’t really get your hostility here. We are just as frustrated as you, that the roadmap wasn’t finished yet, but what do you have against community members helping out with this?


I don’t really get what you mean mate. What pre-generated answers?

No, nothing against community members, I’m sorry if that was read into my message; far from it. Thanks for the reply as well, it clarified things a bit more.

My grievance is with the ones responsible for bringing the Catapult release to this point. At what point do incompetence, negligence, sabotage or whatever start to lose their meaning if the end result is the same?

Then I misread your post, sry about that.

Regarding how we got this point is another matter entirely which I also don’t know the answer to yet. But we want to keep politics and drama out of this initiative since we are all tired of it and focus on productive things and the end goal since this is still the most important thing for NEM. Everything else is noise will hopefully work itself out one way or the other. But in times like these people tend to forget what’s really important.
It’s maybe even a good opportunity to rally the community more together and establish a more community driven process when it comes to the development of the technology like it should be in an open source project.


The way I look at it. Foundation is very far behind with catapult progress. We should not sit around and wait for the foundation to get their shit together.

Get the roadmap figured out without foundation input. Then get competent devs together. Then once we are ready to go, let the foundation know. If the foundation is ready to help at that point, then they will. If not, catapult can be dealt with outside of foundation control.