Cannot resolve Multisig Hash


I have a Multisign Account with a minimum of 2 cosigners. When i create the transferTransaction with the first cosigner i use the javascript sdk to send the Transaction.

nem.model.transactions.send(common, transactionEntity, endpoint)

Then i get the json result with 2 hashes. The innerTransaction hash is the innerTransaction Hash it is shown in the Blockchain Explorer.

{"innerTransactionHash": "data":"ac668f7396461ab23825e0f4eba755adc5543867e17f738b2d8efafe04943e85"},"code":1,"type":1,"message":"SUCCESS","transactionHash":{"data":"6132135430f25bf329bac302edeace617fa24d6a23f58cea3047bd07deca247c"}}

Thats all good. When i signatureTransaction with my second cosigner i get the following result.


There is no innerTransaction Hash given, so how can i get the Multisig Hash from the finally Transaction which is shown in the Blockchain Explorer?

The Hash i get from the first cosigner Transaction, but at the second cosigner i dont receive the Multisig Hash, how can i get this hash?

Kindly Daniel


What is the problem, you already got the inner transactions hash when you initiated the multisig transaction.


In the first transaction i get the inner Transaction Hash.

But in the sign transaction, second one, i get a randam hash, but my problem is that i need the finaly Multisig Hash in my code.


Since you get the two hashes when initiating the first transaction, you just need to save those hashes. I still don’t see the problem.


Ohh Thanks.
I focused so much on the second transaction that i didnt see that the outer Hash of the first one maches my Multisig Hash.

Thanks for your help and time!!!