Case Study: Apply NEM in business envioronment - Attendance Tracking

Hi all, i want to have some discussion regarding how to apply NEM in real business environment. As my understanding here are some main feature of NEM:

  • Account : to identify individual/employee
  • Namespace: to build your own brand or domain or commercial usage, etc
  • Mosaic: to issue your own currency and record transaction through its movement across owners.
  • Messaging: the most important feature can be used by business to capture structure information but have limits of characters
  • Multi-Signature: enable authentication of business transaction through multiple parities.

From business view, NEM public chain is just a clould database capture transaction data using financial debit/credit concept.

Apart from its nature design to manage mile points, currencies, award points, etc, how we can better leverage it solve the real business problem is a something i need some advice.

One case study i am thinking is using NEM to record employee attendance information. What I can do is:

  • setup a new name space called attendance tracking
  • setup account for every employee
  • have a terminal to capture attendance data and for every effective transaction, using API to transfer one unit of mosaic to that employee account and using message field to capture like, time, GPS location, etc.

Now the question is how effective to pull those transaction from NEM block chain at real time or month end to calculate the real working hours ? Is there any API can quick pull those data from block chain or local wallet ?

Am i on the right track to develop a NEM based attendance tracking system for enterprise usage ?

Please feel free to share your thoughts.