Catapult API questions


I have a few questions regarding the catapult engine or API:

  1. will the catapult API remain reverse compatible with the current NIS API? Meaning, will it break existing apps using the NIS API or not?
  2. Will the current nodes have to be upgraded to be catapult API nodes or catapult blockchain nodes or both? For me the released info is not clear about that, yet.
  3. Will the API, changed or not, be documented with swagger. That will be needed in a few potential development projects I can think of. If there is no catapult API swagger in the pipeline yet, I am willing to consider investing the effort to help document the API.


Swagger for NIS API
  1. We are planning to have support for NIS legacy API requests. But clients using the legacy API should upgrade to the new API if possible.
  2. There is no decision yet how to handle the transition from NIS to catapult.
  3. There are currently no plans to use swagger. But any help is welcome.
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Delay in catapult release is creating HUGE stagnation in development and adoption

Hi BloodyRookie,

Thanks for the clarification.

Regarding point 3: If I could be provided the info on the catapult API, or at least the part that is already decided or final, I could start documenting it. I estimate I could probably start working on it somewhere in the second half of december.



We’ll be contacting you once we have enough catapult api requests. Thank you for your offer.


The current NIS REST API could be used as well I suppose. I expect a number of calls to be similar.
Oh, and is the current /w/messages interface documented somewhere?


I don’t think so. But i will ask @gimre.


I think that’s the most comprehensive description:
(please remember, there’s STOMP on top of websockets



Are there any news regarding the swagger API spec?

Does it make sense to create a project proposal to get a bounty? Because in my opinion, a swagger SPEC would be a real benefit for developers, because of the automatic client creation functionality Swagger offers out of the box for many languages and technologies.

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I can’t find “/heartbeat” in Catapult.
Could you please tell me how should I check node is alive with less load?

#11 --help

and --help

thank you so much! :grinning: