Catapult Brand Update #1

Hi Daoka,
I hear the frustration in your feedback (and quite a few other Japanese members) so I want to make sure that the community knows that we are proud of NEM – it’s solid technology and has good projects (like the ones Opening Line has built) and there is a future with NEM. There is planning around how to continue to support NIS1 and Catapult and this planning extends across ecosystem entities.

For this discussion, the exploration around a new brand is not just due to Coincheck or negative press. It’s not black or white. There’s more context to look at for the big picture. It’s why we shared the discovery decks and competitive SWOT. The exploration around pivoting to a new brand (or rather supporting 2 brands) is much larger than this and the purpose of this first branding update was to introduce conceptually / directionally what this looks like.

I’m seeing some community talk about branding as mainly being the logo and ticker – it’s more than this though. Logo and ticker are only one aspect. Certainly design plays an essential role to creating and building strong brands.

One way to expand thinking on the brand could be how we are approaching investing in our core strengths and focusing more on who the customers/users are for the protocol – not just now but also the future. Then we support our customers by innovating and offering products that they need/want. Those products/services fold up into a larger brand strategy. This is why NEM and Catapult can both exist in the same world. They serve different audiences which is why it is important to look at Catapult through the lens of enterprise and not just community.

Keep asking hard questions like this.


Thank you for sharing us the progress in Catapult branding.

I would like to put my opinion here.

Three top reasons why I have selected NEM/XEM blockchain rather than other blockchains were as follows;

  1. Ecological
  2. Best performance but easy to start
  3. Heartwarming community

These factors seem to be forming current NEM brand and shared by NEMbers. So, these are also creating Catapult brand and appearing to outside people and companies.

Apple brand started from ‘the computer for the rest of us’ and ‘think different’. Most of the enterprise companies, such as banks, fintechs, games, distributors, and so on, already have their favorite and suitable blockchains as you reported. Can NEM change their minds? Maybe no. Then, who and where are ‘the rest of us’?

Finding new applications of blockchain seems to be an important task for Catapult branding. Then, in which field? In my opinion, education, medicine, science, agriculture are candidates. Because, people involved in these fields do not have suitable blockchains yet. These fields requires;

  1. Ecology
  2. Easiness
  3. Support

So, let’s release the best blockchain ever, and, wait for people who think different.


—Japanese Translation by Google—



他のブロックチェーンではなくNEM / XEMブロックチェーンを選択した3つの主な理由は次のとおりです。



Appleブランドは、「The computer for rest of us」や、「Think different」から始まりました。銀行、フィンテック、ゲーム、ディストリビューターなどの企業のほとんどは、すでにお気に入りの適切なブロックチェーンを持っています。 NEMは彼らの考えを変えることができますか?たぶんできません。それでは、「the rest of us」とは誰でどこにいるのでしょうか?



だから、今までで最高のブロックチェーンをリリースしてThink Differentな人々を待ちましょう。



It is a statement that ignores the opinions of the people currently using it.

BTC was hacked and stolen many times.
If you rename,Many people think that New Shitcoin was born.



Enterprise are part of the community, and also there are enterprise people who are involved in the community.


Thank you for replying.

I want you to know, the community activity is enhancing enterprise adoption.

FiFiC was initially app created by an individual.
Now, FiFiC has influenced the adoption of NEM / mijin.

OpenApostille gave me the work of NEM / mijin.
Now, our company developing a product using Apostille.
This product is for the enterprise.

The Shizui project you know was also born from the community.

The power of the community may be small at first, but it will become a big power by creating products and services.
The products made by the community provide hints when adapting to an enterprise.

When a specific case comes out, the company can imagine the benefits.
Now, many of use case created by community.

We should not forget that the community is affecting the enterprise.


I agree with the branding in the sense of the Catapult engine, but I’m against Catapult, an alternative to NEM.

“Intel inside” -> Catapult Inside
It’s enough.


This is machine translation. I’m sorry if there is a rude expression.

The original Japanese text is written below the text.

I do not claim to be absolutely against brand changes.

But there are some doubts.

Remember when BTC forked with BCH?

Some believers in BCH have repeatedly insisted “BCH is real bitcoin!”.

The original name has great value.

In order to support the decision to let go of that value, you need to prove that the new name has a much higher value than the original name.

For example, what are the proposed names for new names and logos?

If we look at it and convince it that it is really wonderful, many members of the community may be convinced.

Secondly, about the coin check theft case.

Remember Mt.GoX?

If Bitcoin changed its name after that incident, how would the public accept it?

(For example, think of the new name “segwit coin”)

“After all, Bitcoin had a problem!”

“They changed their name, and they started to be suspicious again!”

I think the world will react like that.

If NEM changed its name, wouldn’t the public think that there was still a problem with NEM?

Will USD change the name just because there was a bank robber?

If USD changes its name, it will create a weak brand image of USD.

If you think about it now, the coin check theft was a great opportunity for us.

We should have argued more loudly.

“The safe did not fail. The problem was how to manage the keys.”

“The safe was working properly. The safe could only be opened with the key of the safe.”

“Neither the NEM Foundation nor the core development was able to open the safe. The NEM blockchain worked perfectly according to its design philosophy.”

“The NEM blockchain faced a theft that was unprecedented in Japanese history, but was not defeated by the temptation of centralization.”

The coin check case can be transformed into a case that proves the high security of the blockchain by our public relations efforts.

The NEM blockchain continues to operate perfectly. At that time and now.

The key administrator made the mistake.

And the lack of our public relations efforts.

NEM blockchain is nothing wrong. Why do I need to change my name?

If you want to change the name, you need a reason different from coin check.


At first, the apple logo was just an apple-shaped logo.

What has given value to the apple logo is the achievement of creating innovative products.

It is our attitude that creates brand value.

If we changed the name so that we could escape from innocent sins, would that action increase our brand value?

Does the world perceive our actions as “global brand company behavior”?

Please remember the Eco Bit.

Their logo and brand name are sophisticated.

But now, is their project a high brand value?

Their brand value was created by their actions, not names or logos.

Will their brand image improve if their names and logos become more sophisticated?

As I wrote at the beginning, I’m not against the name change.

But if you want to change the name, there is a more important argument than “Should I change the name?”

That is, “Does the new name and logo mark exceed NEM?”

What we need is a story.

A story created by beliefs and belief-based actions.

Why do we love decentralization?

Why did we lose the temptation of centralization in front of a huge theft?

Who made what efforts to achieve this?

What kind of world do we want to create through NEM?

Creating a brand is a belief and a build up of beliefs.

I support the name change if the new name and logo are more embodied in our beliefs.

Do new brands encourage us to claim the worldview we want to create?

It seems empty to discuss “should I change the name” without suggesting new candidate names?

I would like to ask the NEM Foundation to behave in a way that is appropriate for a “global brand”.

Thank you for reading a long sentence.






一部のBCHを信奉する人々は「BCH is real bitcoin!」と主張を繰り返しました。








(たとえば、「segwit coin」という新しい名前に変わったと考えてみてください)














































I think any name will succeed. Should I decide by voting?

I think you make some very good points. But to me it is like this. I go to my doctor if I am sick, but I do not ask my doctor to fix my car. Likewise I do not ask my mechanic for medical advice. The agency and people involved have analysed and thought deeply about NEM and Catapult. They have done extensive research inside and outside, speaking to many people and looking at the industry and competition. They have successfully advised and done practical global and national launches of many well-known brands. If the sherpa who has climbed the mountains in good weather and very bad, now advises you to take a specific path, do you ignore them? I understand it is very very hard but I would ask you to consider this.





Does that mean listening to expert opinions without complaining?

Does it mean to ignore community ideas? Do you think there are no experts in the community?


First of all, thank you for sharing the information.

I think there is an information asymmetry between committees and communities.
So I don’t think community feedback makes sense Without matching levels of information.

I can’t agree or disagree with a rebrand. The reason is a lack of information.

It is not clear what kind of image the NEM has externally unless it conducts a survey by random sampling from the Basic Resident Register. Theses feedbacks here is not a statistical feature but seems to be arbitrarily biased.

I agree with the rebranding needed to achieve top priority, the professionals should make a final decision.


Do you know all story of " Japanese NEM Culture and Activity" ?
Do you create enthusiasm like this?
Have you assessed NEM as a loser(dog)?

Sorry,just curiosity.


By the way ,What blockchain project did you lead to success?
Please tell me for reference.

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Thank you for your reply. This time is also a machine translation, so please forgive any rude expressions.

But I want you to understand. I am not against brand changes.

As I have already written, I agree with the brand change if I am convinced that the new brand embodies the idea of ​​NEM more than ever.

I don’t want to talk about titles, I want to talk about the contents.

Anyone can view the source code of catapult.

In-field programmers can check the contents and provide feedback.

But we can’t get any information about the new brand name.

That’s why I can’t agree with the brand change.

I would like to hear your beliefs and theories about the new brand proposal.

If it is “an expert decides because feedback is not necessary”, a new brand should be decided without setting up such a place.

First of all, we want you to show the strength of the marketing team in marketing that moves our community.













Did I say that? Interesting assumption on your part. I am sorry you are feeling not heard and that is coloring your communication. I will try to better communicate.

The task here is to launch an enterprise solution. What enterprise solutions have you launched?

OK, I agree with kitsutsukick

“First of all, we want you to show the strength of the marketing team in marketing that moves our community.”

CMO for NEM Foundation

I think we all need to step back for a moment and take a breath.
No one is suggesting that community contributors or projects are not important. They are important.
Any discussion around a new name/logo/ticker was always going to have emotions wrapped up in it.
To look at NEM as an ecosystem from the outside is what the agency has done, and sometimes we need to swallow our pride and take the hard look.
No one is abandoning NEM, no one is belittling the name.
Actionable critiques and feedback are always welcome but attacks will not be tolerated.

Lewis’ point is, if you are thinking of a new brand, go to the experts, which is what we have done. Because that is what responsible companies do, consult the experts.

I’ll stop here because I don’t want to ramble on the length of a poem, but right now emotions are high. Let’s step back and evaluate. There is more information to be shared.